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Last Update: August 08, 2020

An endless loop. Thank G-- for GIFs.It's time to inject a little vaccine of humor into an exasperating situation

Best wishes to all fr the relief we've all been waiting for!

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FKelso Premium
Love the photo! What a strange world we live in, and how suddenly everything changed. Just demonstrates that many of us are able to change, even in extreme conditions. That being said, I miss the old days. Wish we could find a way to end this pandemic. Thanks for the reminders.
Babou3 Premium
Thank you for the message. It is true that a vaccine of humor would be welcome.
In France a bus driver was killed because he didn't want a passenger to get on his bus without a mask. I don't think humor will save us from fools, but it will definitely help us get through this predicament.

LMH1968 Premium Plus
Thank you very much for the information
Joes946 Premium
Still works.
Thanks Mike.
Ryan4488 Premium
And I still wear a mask when venturing out into the public realm!