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Last Update: March 23, 2016

Well, I did it! Today I became a Premium member! I really believe in this opportunity! I'm naturally skeptical, so I can't say that I've ever been scammed in a "work from home" opportunity. I have, however, tried several legitimate business opportunities over the years and I've learned two things: first - anything that's legitimate is going to cost you something, because if you don't have to invest something, it's not going to mean anything to you. Second, nothing good comes from no effort - you have to apply yourself. There is no such thing as "get rich quick". People make money in business when they're doing something they love, and something they're actually capable of doing. Face-to-face sales was not for me (Mary Kay, Avon, Discovery Toys). Great big hyped up going to meetings every week and constantly meeting with people to try to get them to join your team was not my thing either (and that opportunity was also quite legit, and very expensive to join). I'm not high energy - but I am nothing if not determined - and this feels like something I can make work for us.

So, I'm excited - excited to be part of a community that supports and helps each other, excited to offer an opportunity that will give others a chance to realize their dreams, too, and excited to finally be contributing to making my own little world - and the world around me - a better place!

Cheers All <3

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VincentA Premium
Welll done
Michelle04 Premium
Great choice to go with the premium membership. You now have all the tools to get your website off the ground. Onward and upward! :)
JonStevens Premium
Congratulations on a great decision!
GiuliaB Premium
All the best my darling. I'm fairly new as well, and was as sceptical as well. Well, since getting into the nitty gritty of things, starting building the website and moving on with lessons and levels, I am really enjoying it all :)
JudeP Premium
Best wishes as you move forward and congratulations on your decision :)