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Last Update: December 08, 2018

I am just starting out. I signed up back in March knowing full well that I would not be able to dedicate any time to WA for at least a few months. I signed up back then because I didn't want to forget about this opportunity. When I saw it and read about it, I didn't want it to pass me by.

Been there, done that

I am sure that many who sign up with WA can say the same thing. The old "Been there", "Done that", "Got the T-shirt" (or more likely got left shirtless by some scam or some "heavy on promise low on delivery program").

Within days of joining WA, you know there is something different in the air around here. Sure there may be some who are looking for the "get-rich-quick button", but they get filtered out pretty quickly if they are not willing to put in the work.

Those who have experience, and have been through the trenches, and are successful in their own niche are busy helping out the newbies. Belonging to the Ambassador group is more than just another star, those members earned it by sticking around, and helping members get going, and helping members to not give up, and helping members find solutions. They get it, they deserve the accolades, and they are what makes WA different.

Even the Newbies get caught up in the action and it's refreshing seeing Newbies help Newbies with whatever they can.

If I Could Have, I Would Have

I have been actively going through the training for about two weeks now and I am impressed. I like things that are organized, and I like things that are detailed, and I like things that are done step by step.

The more I dig through the menus, and learn what is available to me, and the more I use the platform, the more impressed I am with the quality of work that has gone into developing WA. I have very limited experience in programming and very little success in online business, but if I could have developed something like this, this is what I would have developed. I like it and congratulate the founders and developers for a job well done.

Doing it the Right Way

The founders deserve the success they have found with WA. Yes, they are making money, but I think they are doing it the right way. They are doing it by helping others succeed and not by ripping others off.

And that attitude rubs off. Just today I was informed of some training that a WA member offers, for free, in order to help other members make some good money in their niche. I'm not qualified to join that training yet because I haven't finished off level 3 of WA training. But when I'm ready, I am sure that I will encounter the same level of detail, quality and genuine desire for my success from yet another member who gets what WA is all about.

A Solid Foundation

I am completing Level 2 training, hence the blog. But to me it is more than just a "to do" item to check off my list. I find myself thinking about what I have learned and what I have accomplished.

As I was going through the training, there were some boxes I could not tick off because I hadn't or couldn't finish the task. Sometimes, if I could, I moved on to finish some other tasks but then I would go back and to complete the ones I had been unable to check off the first time around.

Sometimes I would complete a task and check off the box, but then, I would go back and re watch a video or redo a task. I wanted to make sure that I understood what I was doing.

Even now, I find that I go back and re watch certain videos if I forget how to do a certain task, or if I forget the reasoning behind a particular task.

This kind of training is invaluable and the fact that you can go back to watch again, and again, and again, is like someone who watches your back or holds your hand to make sure everything goes marching forward despite the troubles and setbacks.

WA is set up to help you succeed. Build a good foundation and the rest will fall into place, block by block, layer by layer.

Getting Results and Pushing Forward

A few days ago I received notice that my site was indexed by Google. This morning when I woke up, I received notice that two of my posts had been indexed by Google. These are small steps to be sure, but necessary steps. Steps that are laying the foundation for what is to come.

As I read other members posts, and learn of their successes, I find myself cheering them on. I may not know anything about their niche and may not even have any interest in their niche, but when they share a milestone, I breathe a silent "Right on!". Success is contagious and it feels great to celebrate someones accomplishments.

To your success WA family.

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Cass51 Premium
Well I so totally agree with your views on this as I feel the same way. I love that I can go back to tasks and videos to develop a better understanding. The training is so thorough and the community is overwhelmingly helpful and genuine. There are no shortcuts and I want to do this right. Well done! Thanks for sharing.
ShaneWB Premium
Great work Mitch! Keep laying that foundation!