Link Wheels And When To Use Them

Last Update: October 21, 2012
It’s not always obvious the statements that roll off the tongues of IM’ers and a “Linkwheel” is one of those terms that can be expanded upon. For someone quite new to Internet Marketing it's a term that you'll come across in time.

When To Spin The LinkWheel

A simple formula that comes down to this: If you make a couple of sales in a niche you may figure that niche may be quite lucrative, – That is when it becomes worthwhile to make a link wheel.

A link wheel is essentially a bunch of free web 2.0 properties (the spokes) strung together which all link back to your money website. The idea is to link all the “spokes” on the wheel to the product review page and our primary domain (the middle cog). This way we can send traffic to our "money page" and primary domain while at the same time building search engine rank. If done well you will have more than one entry on the first page for a search term.

Here are some web 2.0 sites you can use:

Turning Your LinkWheel

The basic idea to get your linkwheel rolling is to upload one or two articles related to the niche of your money site to each of these sites. Some may say that can use articles that you already posted on the web.. But that's just wasting your time peeps. To get the most benefit from your link-wheel you want the most traffic out of this. The only way to generate quality traffic is with quality content, You are much better off posting unique articles to each site on list above .

So if your money site is on selling a particular eBook, you will have take 10 different book review articles and upload them to each one of the “spokes on the link wheel”.

From each one of your “spokes” we will be linking to the next web 2.0 site on the list and will also be linking to your money page. Here another image to help you picture it

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Does linkwheel still work ?? :)
skiergal Premium
Thanks for the diagram and explanation Tony.
mission0ps Premium
NP babs ... been missing your chatter :)
Shawn Martin Premium
Bookmarked, thanks!
mission0ps Premium
All good buddy
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For your comment about submitting only unique articles to the directories above, I agree for the most part. But if you’re experienced and have a good understanding of how things work, you could throw up a 3rd party article not on your main site (say on a sub-domain via your site) and then submit that article to a bunch of syndicated article directories. There are places that have built in java platforms for people to take articles and use it on their own site. In order to successfully syndicate content though, you need to either have a no index tag on it (so it doesn’t get indexed in the search engines) or have it on some sort of (java based) platform so people can say scroll through syndicated articles your displaying on the widget hand side of your website, etc. Normally it costs a little money to submit your article and keeping this in mind with possible bad back-links is important. Because of this, the thought of using 301 redirects or 3rd party content is ideal.

As for the link juice going all over the place, what you’re saying is ultimately what you want to go for. I’ve read however that you want all your link juice to be mostly contained WITHIN your website, but you still want to expand by reaching out to a bunch of authority sites all over the web. If you put links on your widgets to important pages of content found on your website (instead of outside sources) this creates powerful inbound link juice. Having more sub-directory websites or pages creates a stronger overall inbound link equity as well making the site stronger as well. The whole idea behind back-links needs to be real traffic, since the real traffic normally constitutes the strong relative sites you should really be linking too.

Finally, you don’t want to link to outside sources heavily (on your widget primarily), because I’ve heard you can actually lose overall PR to your website. I’m sure this isn’t very important, but when you solely link to a bunch of sites all over the web instead of linking within your site, you’re not really building your site up to anything of real value. You’re simply building for other sites all over the web. So instead of leaving links to all your profiles, you could try putting them all on a page instead of under your category page on your widget hand side of your website.

As I’m sure you’re well aware, without great content you have no business worrying about this in the first place. ;) Reaching out to authority sites all over the web is highly important once you start establishing a little momentum for your website, and I think it’s important that everybody reach out to at least a few power sites for establishing a truly powerful link wheel.
mission0ps Premium
Well cheers for your words it truly warrants a reply. - "phrased for space"

" throw up a 3rd party article and then submit that article to a bunch of syndicated article directories" - Yeah sure way to get you sites blacklisted and never ranking. Sound so muck like blackhat!

You get confused buddy linkwheels and internal linking are 2 very different subject!. Understand when using the term "link juice" it applies to any scenario. The link wheels are higher PR and their sole purpose is to send targeted qualified traffic..

You've heard a lot of "heard a lot" ain't ya. I wonder where you hear it from :) ...Linking to authority sites whether you are a new site or not is a good thing. I'm building site for readers that will pay me back in kind. If I link to a resource that they found useful they will remember where they got the link .. believe me . been at it a while ;)
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Well, 1 person I heard it from was an SEO expert about last year at He has over 2,000 comments in the forums helping people constantly before last Christmas anyway.

For the 3rd party article, it's not really black hat even though I'm sure it could be done for black hat... What I'm saying is you could throw up a beastly article that you don't really intend to rank, and submit that article to a bunch of social media directories (like all your Facebook friends), and then submit them to directories that syndicate your content like and so on.

Yes, I could possibly copy somebody else's content & maybe do that, but then it's not really truly syndicated content... it's copied content you're taking advantage of. I actually plan on writing up a huge 1 pager about Wealthy Affiliate, my thoughts, and my success, and plan on advertising it to all my Facebook friends. Since I'll probably attach it to a sub-domain (poor back-links won't hurt your main site on sub-domains since they're totally different domains in Google's eyes) I wouldn't mind submitting it to places that syndicate my content (correctly). If some people do it wrong or just simply leave a link below - which is incorrectly formatted syndicated articles - that's why I'm putting it on a sub-domain. So I don't get bad back-links. In this case, the traffic is much more important to me.

For link-wheels and internal linking, I already knew they were different but still related. I was just trying to emphasize using internal linking since simply linking to external sites within your website is almost like being a PITSTOP or something for major websites. I guess you could say it's almost like using syndicated content all over your website, but not really writing any unique content, making it unique.

For PR, I've just heard if you link to a bunch of OUTSIDE places constantly all over your website, it'll decrease your PR even though you still may get traffic to and from those places. Unless you're purposefully doing this, steering away from simply linking FROM your site to OTHER major sites all over the web might be ideal. I'm not very knowledgeable in this area, but if you think about it, it does kinda make sense.

I'm not trying to go against what you're saying or anything. And I do respect how long you've been at it. Wealthy Affiliate needs older members in here contributing for helping the newbies & everybody else. ;) Talk to you later.
mission0ps Premium
Are you still using link-wheels?