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Last Update: March 22, 2018

Wazzup Peeps...

I often hear all the time from people struggling for "sales ideas." So hold onto this tip... This I remember from a well ooooooold piece of training here at WA.

With any business, there are times of the sale calendar year that are always going to be more profitable than others. But if you look closely, there is generally a reason to sell something...every single month.

By that reasoning, you can use the occasion to neatly tie into your marketing, ads, emails, and messages.

I was loosely planning out some eCommerce promotions for the rest of the year, and I came up with this, you may find it useful too:

Affiliates sale calendar year

  • JANUARY: New Year's + Valentine's + Orthodox Christmas & New Year
  • FEBRUARY: Valentine's + Maha Shivaratri + Chinese New Year
  • MARCH: St. Patrick's Day + Easter + Holi + Purim + St Patrick's Day
  • APRIL: Easter + Mother's Day + Orthadox Easter + Isra and Mi'raj
  • MAY: Mother's Day + Father's Day + Lag B'Omer + Ascension Day
  • JUNE: Father's Day + 4th of July + Laylat al-Qadr + Father's Day
  • JULY: 4th of July + Parents Day + Tisha B'Av + Someones Names Day
  • AUGUST: Back to School + Grandparents Day + Raksha Bandhan
  • SEPTEMBER: Back to School + Grandparents Day + Rosh Hashana
  • OCTOBER: Halloween + Q4 Begins + Navaratri + Simchat Torah
  • NOVEMBER: Still Q4 + Thanksgiving + Black Friday + Cyber Monday
  • DECEMBER: Christmas + Hanukkah + Q4 still going strong!

This doesn't even include some of the strange or obscure shizzle, like Boss's Day, Earth Day, Cinco De Mayo, Tooth Brush Day etc...

And this can be apart of ANY part of your affiliate business, not just eCommerce. Feel free to use it for ideas in your own business. It always gives you a reason to run a promo, create a new campaign, or offer a discount. Especially if you're using something like fbmeChat

It gives you a reason to send a broadcast message to all your subscribers. "Hey...we're running an Easter special. Would you like details?"

Hope this helps you to see your promotions popping $$$ all times of the year :)

Talk soon,

Tony aka Mission0ps

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@RICH. Premium
Hey Tony.

I had my first $100,000 month with a Valentine's promo that I actually launched in November !!!

Rich. x
mission0ps Premium
That's what I call - the early bird buddy - good to see you're still bubbling @Rich :)
Chris Lee Premium
Damnnn @RICH :) Well done!
@RICH. Premium