WA Training Level 2 - Feeling Accomplished

Last Update: April 01, 2020

For different reasons (and excuses) it took me long to complete Level 2 of the WA Training. The important thing is that I just did it and I want to share and celebrate my achievement with the WA Community.

    Yesterday, after I decided not to leave my laptop until I had finished and published my article required in Lesson 9, which I did, I felt too accomplished that I said it out loud! Why? Because I was focused, I was committed and I didn’t procrastinate.

    Italy – Why my Niche?

    When I started WA, I did it because I was looking for an opportunity to work from home and bring additional income to my family and to help others. Being from Venezuela, it is too easy to think about helping others and to find ways to help others.

    In addition, when I decided to leave the corporate world, I told myself that I will work on something that I will enjoy and be passionate about. So the only thing that came into my mind was Italy, the country that runs in my husband and kids’ blood and stole my heart.

    My niche is about sharing my love for Italy by showing its culture, places, food, and people; what I like about it, what I have learned about it, etc You get the idea.

    I’m not sure what this niche will take me, but I can assure you that I’m enjoying every piece of information that I add into my articles.

    So I invite you to check my website Just Love Italy, add a comment to my articles, and follow me in IG @justloveitaly

    My Successes so far

    I can easily say that I have published 4 articles, I changed the theme and I’m happy about it, and I keep figuring out how to improve my website. But I believe that my main success is that I have been using my brain after a long break. This action itself has prompted me to do others things such as:

    1. Being more focus and discipline with the goal to complete one WA training task a day or at least do something like reading an article, welcome new members, etc.
    2. Learn something outside my zone of comfort
    3. Be part of a warming and helpful community
    4. Research, read, comment, help, welcome
    5. Set goals
    6. Achieve goals
    7. Even use the app Elevate to move my neurons even more.

    My Next Steps

    I can summarize my next steps as follows:

    1. Finish my WA Training so I can set new goals along the way. I’m intrigued about what’s next in the training and how I will apply it.
    2. Keep being focused, present, motivated, and committed. Yes, it takes all that and more for me to keep moving.
    3. Keep praying, meditating, loving and practicing gratitude. They give me strength and all the above.

    To Close

    The fact that I truly felt accomplished yesterday has no price for me. Although there is still a long way to go, I feel that I’m getting the energy, the focus, the discipline and the enthusiasm to achieve my goals.

    Blessings and infinite success for all,


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    JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
    You're making excellent progress, Mirlay! Keep up the GREAT work, and have a safe weekend!

    Mirlay Premium
    Thank you, you too have a wonderful and safe weekend!
    JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
    I certainly will, my friend!
    ChigsGohel Premium Plus
    Congrats Mirlay
    Mirlay Premium
    Thank you!
    Mick18 Premium
    Congrats on your progress. Keep moving forward you are doing great. Thanks for sharing.
    Take care,
    Mirlay Premium
    Thanks Mick

    Sending you my blessings
    resty1984 Premium
    Wow congrats and keep the good work and Best wishes
    Mirlay Premium
    thank you!
    resty1984 Premium
    your welcome