Last Update: April 06, 2015

Hi everyone. Since starting here, I have interacted with many of you and like each of you, have had some experiences with some of you. One of my websites is now ready enough that getting traffic to it is the big concern. Also figuring out whether or not the other one can be used differently.

Meanwhile, I finally found the pathway to Street Articles that starts at WA and the problem I had had a few weeks ago suddenly disappeared.

Thanks to a few of you, I have had a little business serving as a ghostwriter/article writer at flat fees per article.

A number of you have been plain old friendly and have answered questions and given tips.

That has been quite a relief and a real pleasure.

Thanks, and hope you are each making progress as well.

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MsT Premium
Hi MiriamPia.

Nice to meet you here. I believe any of us can do well here if we stick to it long enough and MAKE it a success. I know of a link that I would like to share with you. It is about getting self published. Not sure if that interests you. I have some friends, at least three who have done so with success and I could privately share some info that may be helpful to you. I think you might also benefit from as well. Not to draw you away from WA at all, just to supplement your writing interests.

CCunningham Premium
I hope you prosper and that we can learn from you.
msh2501 Premium
Hi Miriam, it's good to know that everything is going well for you.
danbarth87 Premium
Thanks for updating us! Wishing you continued results and progress!