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Last Update: March 12, 2015

I would like to thank everyone who has helped me to solve a problem and also for letting me participate. I don't really understand why sometimes it is so difficult but especially where I live it is. While of course, I do need to and want to deal with the Germans as I am in Germany, it is also nice to continue to interact with other Americans. I am fairly broad minded and relatively internationally oriented but still feel it is nice when people have a sense of cultural and ethnic identity as well as having sensitivity to rights.

The big excitement about website development is that I found the plug ins yesterday and listened to Kyle more.

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DLansing Premium
WA is a Godsend for me for sure. WA has the most helpful online community anywhere. Most of my questions, I don't even need to ask as most of it already been answered before.
Kyle Premium
That is the great thing about the community here at WA, you have a global network that you are able to communicate with, network with, and get help from.

We have members here from EVERY single country in the world! :)
msh2501 Premium
Miriam, thank you for sharing.