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Last Update: February 14, 2015

Now I know that some of you are doing well and added WA from a strong and cheerful position. Many came because of really needing a way to earn money. I have found quite a variety of skills and work experience amongst those of you whom I have met so far. As a child I was often impressed by other kids even though I normally sat in front, acted like an overenthusiastic 'almost always right' teacher's pet. As a teen this showed because after diligently paying attention in class I would cheerfully meet everyone out weekend nights when not needing to ignore people to get my work done. Here at WA so far and I can see why I felt that way back then as it is pretty much how I feel about those of you I have met so far. It is even though I also have some skills and talents.

I managed to take another baby step with improving the website. I managed to attach an affiliate advert, and links to products of my own, and improve a few posts and the page layouts.

Getting this arranged so it also gets traffic is what I see as the next big hurdle.

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MiriamPia Premium
floridajf, I do not behave much like a student nowadays. As a child, I really liked having other women my mother's age being kind to me. Thank you for the advice and encouragement. I appreciate it!
floridajf Premium
No problem :)
floridajf Premium
Don't worry, you will definitely get the hang of things here at WA sooner or later. If you just keep watching the training videos and asking questions when you are stuck, you will definitely be demonstrating a ton of progress. Keep working diligently, you don't have to be a teachers pet here because YOU are the one that determines your very own success. Best of luck, wish you much success.