A couple of notes about the training and learning styles

Last Update: March 01, 2015

Like all of you, some of the process explained by the training is easy and some of it really is not. Pulling it all together: making a website, creating content, using the right keywords for the right niche and the affiliate marketing links and then interacting with other sites and the people behind them is more of a multi-tasking project than I had at first imagined.

So far I have a website that needs some improvement and the two free ones that I can toy around with and see if they can grow into viable alternative niches or will just be a place where I experiment. There are those first affiliate links and my own products attached to the site. I did what Kyle and Carson said and went to Street Articles and wrote a few articles that passed inspection despite my frustration as a writer that I was not paid directly for each published word. I went cyber-out and commented at various locations online.

I suspect I need to write website content that has a keyword in it but is not 'overdoing it'.

What I tend to do is watch some training, implement something and go back to the training. Sometimes it is backward in that it is less efficient but I get to use my preferred learn-by-doing style this way.

Hope you are all coming along with your projects.

Please do leave comments about how you are doing. I am very grateful for the support but need to improve how I write to create engagement with you or readers of the website or other blog. That's what Kyle and Carson indirectly told me anyway. They are probably right.

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tcb2015 Premium
Thanks for the follow and it is returned. With your writing background you will do very well, for certain. I look forward to seeing you promote your book on your website.

As a writer, use of keywords to expound upon your niche will come easily for you. By now I am sure you know that "keywords" may be a single word or an entire phrase. Also that your content may wrap itself around more than one keyword in an article/post.

I read you are in Germany. I very much enjoyed my time in Deutschland and have Deutsch family through marriage.

I anticipate seeing your site develop. Be sure and tag me with your new posts and I will review and leave comments.

Success to you.
msh2501 Premium
Hello MiriamPia, I need to work on how to write to create engagement or what to write about to create engagement. It is not easy for me. I am stuck in Lesson 4 Affiliate Bootcamp. I want to be successful in this business. I understand what you say. Regards, Martha
MiriamPia Premium
Maybe we can help each other. In some cases, it will only work if we get people unlike us to teach us both, but if we can help each other that would be great. Thanks for the reply.
msh2501 Premium
Sounds good to me.