What a hurracaine can do

Last Update: September 27, 2020

My name is hurricane

Hi give me about 30 minutes or fewer and I can ruin you. My name is hurricane and I can do a lot of damage in very little time. If my eye comes upon you, I could take you with me. This is what could happen to a whole town in a hurricane. We didn't get the full impact of the storm.

Hurricane season, has raised havoc all around me broken trees, flooded houses, people being rescued from homes and cars. We had no power for 2 1/2 days. Where we are at we didn't get flooded because we are on higher ground we did have broken trees in this neighborhood. I did heard9 there was another one in the gulf of Mexico.

Been sleeping quite a bit, feeling a little under the weather lately. Ready to get back into action now. Although I started posting a couple of comments and have been reading some, there have a couple of times I fell asleep when I was writing comments and I have lost what I had written. I have not been able to fully concentrate on my priorities, which are my websites. Will be putting my focus on my websites and do what needs to be done, now that I feel a better.

Besides that, the storm was really kind of scary the sky would light up as if were daytime. The thunder was so loud you could actually hear it roll across the sky. It was so loud you could feel the house shake. Some windows in houses were broken out due to the strong winds.

A hurricane gathers force in the ocean and one never knows what to expect when it makes landfall it may lose force before it hits land or it may gain strength.

The news can keep a person updated. Unfortunately, some people don't have a source of communication. For older folks that live in the mountains, or on a ranch., it is much harder

I have been talking to the people about wealthy affiliate and what I love about it and how it can honestly help them. Telling them what it is and how they can start for free and build a business website and start earning money. Telling them it does not happen overnight, and its not a get rich by the end of the week program.

Around here folks are not very trusting and many have no education and can not read or write, this is because when they were kids they had to help the parents work the girls mostly stayed home to take care of the younger siblings while mom, dad and brothers worked.

If I were staying here I would help them learn. I would start a group to teach them. Unfortunately I will have to go home to California. The younger generation have had the privilege of being able to go to school.

We are so blessed that with Wealthy Affiliate, we can work from anywhere in the world. I would love to teach everyone that I can, what I have learned with WA and tell them about all the amazing people that have helped me and continue to help me.

Our success is important, we are all her to help each other succeed on this journey to financial freedom. I want to help you through the process of making your life easier and better for you.

I wish everyone at wealth affiliate oodles of success. Best wishes to all.

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LMH1968 Premium Plus
Pleased to hear that you are safe
LatinNomad Premium
Hi Miriam,

I`m sorry you were hit by a hurricane and had no power for 2 1/2 days. I lived in Belize for 5 years and so had plenty of experience preparing for Hurricanes. We were in Miami when Hurricane Andrew hit. That was quite an experience.

I`m glad you are all safe and your power is back. Make sure you keep spare food, water, camping stoves and flash lights in your house. Its hurricane season, be prepared!

Have a great day & I wish you every success with your site.

Miriammendo1 Premium
Thank you Trevor. It is kind of scary. But I'm fine thank God.
You know I have been thinking since kids are making money online now too, what do you think? would it be a good idea to add to my bullies website a training program site for kids to earn money. It would be something for them to do instead of having That bullying behavior or getting in trouble. Your opinion means a lot to me. Thank you.
Best wishes,
LatinNomad Premium
Hi Miriam,

Its kind what you say. Thank you.

I think you have a very important message and site with your bullies site. You could build on something that is a very important message. I absolutely do think you could monetise the site in two ways, I`m sure there are others. 1 add educational links, courses, training, English language courses etc.,. That is a huge and growing sector, particularly post Covid 19.

But 2, you could aim for the niche of aiming for "kids to earn money". The only thing you would need to be careful about however, is that there may be rules on children working, certainly in the UK I think its 14 (newspaper deliveries) and 15/16 for other jobs. Is there a minimum age limit to join WA? Obviously somebody would need to be able to pay the monthly or annual fee. But it could be a sub niche and entirely appropriate for your bullies (i,e, how its important not to) site.

Have a great day.