Fingers Crossed!

Last Update: September 09, 2018

I am so proud of the progress I have made. I haven't' been so proud in myself before and I think that's because my website is starting to feel like my baby. I love creating it and doing more research within my niche.

Which is veganism by the way. I have been making a "vegan" folder in my Instagram stories and new my followers weren't enough. I knew my friends were just viewing it but still eating meat and dairy. I wanted to reach out to more but knew fathomed having my own website.

I also needed money but wanted to work for myself. So when I stumbled upon Wealth Affiliate, I was like "no way".

Every day, I wake up ready to work. This is literally my job now and I love it! My boyfriend has to drag me away sometimes because I just want to keep growing my website!

In 3 months I plan/hope to have made my first sale.

In 5 months I plan/hope to have made a significant amount of money

So I'm praying all my hard work pays off financially wise *fingers crossed*. I'm replying on this.

Wish me luck!

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baileyjb Premium
Having the opportunity to promote something you're passionate about and earn money at the same time is amazing. Best of luck!