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This is the day had been working towards like all of us on this platform. I finally got to the part where we add our affiliate links to our website. This was a little nerve racking to me as I wasn't quite sure what to see first. I finally got an idea and went with it.I did it in a review way leaving me to do my own research on the items. I actually stumbled on a few bumps but got help form nice man here on WA and got through it! I absolutely appreciate how this community comes together. Everyo
Hey guys. So I currently have one website running that I still have some work with....or a lot of work. But I want to get a 2nd website running ASAP without over doing it. So my question is this. Are you currently running more than 1 website? If so how's it going? Is it hard? I want to know the best time to jump into another one. Probably once I start making money right? Or even after that? Does anyone have any advice they can give? Sharing your story would also help to see how manageable it is
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September 09, 2018
I am so proud of the progress I have made. I haven't' been so proud in myself before and I think that's because my website is starting to feel like my baby. I love creating it and doing more research within my niche. Which is veganism by the way. I have been making a "vegan" folder in my Instagram stories and new my followers weren't enough. I knew my friends were just viewing it but still eating meat and dairy. I wanted to reach out to more but knew fathomed having my own website.I also needed
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