What Are You Going To Blog About?

Last Update: March 14, 2018

Everyone's great desire for going into Blogging, starts with the one question. What are you going to blog about? This comes before setting up a blog page, deciding on a name and picking a theme. Do you really know what you expect out of your blog?

Maybe you where just a little bit too impulsive. Maybe, just maybe, you went ahead and started the set-up on your blog page. Starting the set-up without knowing what you're going to write about.

Don't worry, this isn't the end of the world. You could either blog for personal reasons or to make money, either way you should enjoy the experience. You should put yourself into your writing, so that it is unique. Your writing should reflect you, any other way would make your blog "phony".

What purpose did you have in mind when you thought of having your own blog? Are you reaching out to other like-minded people to share experiences? Or are you looking to promote a business or affiliate offers?

The great thing about blogging is that you can discuss anything, the possibilities are endless. You can even cover different categories on one web page. If you want to start a discussion on what others were doing on a specific date in time, then do it. Anything that you have passion and interest in then by all means write about it.

Now just getting started, it would be wise to check out other blogs. When you come across a blog that has a style that appeals to you, then analyze it.

Whether you're going to blog as a hobby or to make money, you will have unlimited possibilities with it. Your enjoyment in writing will come through to your readers. This is the first step in developing trust and followers. Even in a personal blog you can recommend products or services that you can make money from. Google has Adsense so that you can automatically post relevant ads to your blog.

Your writing can be light hearted and fun. No need to try and get deep and meaningful with your blog. A lot of people just look for a healthy distraction from everyday drama. Getting a following won't come overnight, it will take time. But, the readers that do visit your blog, if they like what they see then they'll come back.

It's very important to get started, post regularly and be yourself. The world of blogging can be exciting and rewarding. Just get past: What Are You Going To Blog About?

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AlexEvans Premium
Well said Miles, it is all about being consistent in our endeavors, thanks for sharing your insights much appreciated.
HennieSteyl Premium
Great tips, Miles. Thanks for sharing.