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Dearest Community,I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for over a year now, but ran into problems. I had medical issues that took me away from learning here at Wealthy Affiliate. Then when I came back, I found Wealthy Affiliate told me to make a back up of my website and delete my website. Well I made a backup or so I thought I did and deleted Website and started over, but it looks like I failed in making a backup so I am back to square one. I now have to start all of the lessons over again b
Trying To Find Quicker Way to figure out who stopped Following Me. I have checked with Technical support, but they do not know. They say maybe Private Message Kyle or Carson and see if they know a quick and easy way, but I know they get an overload of Private Messages so I did not go that route. So I will Share my issue with WA Members and see if anyone else who has had this issue maybe learned a quick and easy way to quickly figure out who has stopped Following. I have not initiated a Follow wi
I know this may seem personal, and I may not have any right to make such a request or suggestion per say, but I must ask all who I may share Comments with or even just support your Goals. Somewhere in your Profile, Please put your Name, Nickname, or some kind of name you would like to be called by other that your User Name. In the beginning of your Profile, in the end, or even in the middle would be nice. It makes no difference where as long as in your Profile. I ask this because I have a habit
Not too long ago, I said I had to take a break. Well, after seeing all of the caring Comments about my issue made me work harder to spend as much time as possible on WA regardless of my condition. It is amazing how people you do not even really know and who may live across the world from you can still help a person not give in to the things that try to bring us all down. I just wanted to thank all of kind WA members that left Supporting Comments on my Blog. If the rest of the world could find t
May 16, 2015
Wonderful WA Members,Wow! I guess need to pay quicker attention to things. I see that not as many Members are saying Kyle should update his Lessons. I see why now. It is because in 2015 Kyle has updated Lessons in both the Green Get Started Here box and the Black Affiliate Bootcamp box. Way to go, Kyle. I guess since my memory is not good and not sure if my notes will have some of the updated info on the Lessons, I am going to go through all of the Get Started here Courses and the Affiliat
May 03, 2015
Dear WA Family,It has been great here on WA. I never imagined I would make it this far on WA. Have not made it as far as I want when it comes to Success on my Website is concerned, but I will never give up thanks to WA and its Community. Sure it is a privilege trying to help others and it is amazing and a surprise ever being an Ambassador, but due to medical issues, I am afraid I will not be online enough to keep the WA Rank that I have. Also not as much time as I want to try and help others as
April 23, 2015
Just to help me remember and to help both New Members and any Member not familiar with some of the Social Media Tools When Talking Facebook etc. Share Buttons, One plugin that has worked fine for me is "Share Buttons by AddToAny", but you have to go to the Plugin Settings to make sure Icon is where you want it. Another Social Media Plugin that has worked fine for me is "Social Media Feather - lightweight social media sharing and follow buttons" It allows for Sharing, Following, and I believe Li
March 17, 2015
Some may think I am wrong for writing this, but I am afraid I am just the kind of person that likes to help others and to be Nice to people as best as I can. In my opinion, Wealthy Affiliate is the best place in the world to be for people who truly want to learn Affiliate Marketing. The Community is awesome, but when I see some Comments given to people's questions, It Truly disappoints me and that in a way is heartbreaking. I see people trying to understand and do the best they can. Some learn
I really hope everyone had a very nice Weekend. I am afraid I had a very wet weekend. It is still raining here Monday morning. Children have spring Break, but too wet to do anything fun just yet. It seems like the weather and Making plans to do fun things never get there schedules to match LOL! With it Wet and Miserable, I hope it at least gave WA Members a chance to work on their Awsome Websites to make the big G happy and be on page 1. I am not there yet, but I am definitely trying. Ra
Fun With Google Ranking Just some thoughts and Frustrations with Google Ranking. I have read soo many things in so many places about Google Ranking and how to Rank 1st page. Some tell how to do it 24 hour fast. Some tell how to do it with Videos on YouTube. Soo many Ideas that are nice and seem easy. At least at first. Then it seems for some of us Poor Folks, easier said than done. So far, I have never made it past page 9. Then it went to page 10, then page 12, then 13, and then 14, but jumps b