How To Write Blog Post More Efficiently

Last Update: February 28, 2018

Having a system in place to churn out keywords and blog post written around them makes content marketing much easier and more productive.

How To Write Blog Post More Efficiently

1. First I need Keywords This is the hardest part for me, because I hate kw research and love to write blog post.

But because I must, I spend a day doing nothing but searching for keywords to write to. Searching through keyword tools, answer the public, Ubersuggest, forums, Wealthy Affiliate, and the web at large to find a spread sheet of keywords is just not my idea of fun.

However, when the day is done, and my list is bulging, it's time to start writintg blog post.

2. Writing Titles If I'm serious about ranking my post, I need to be sure my keywords are in my blog titles. And I've found the most efficient method for me now is to sit down and convert my keywords into titles.

Suddenly my list of keywords to write about is a list of titles. Well, maybe not so suddenly, but they are written.

I usually use two titles for each post. The title you see in my recent post sidebar widget is usually the keyword phrase of the post. That's the title in the post editor, but the title in the meta description will be as close to 60 characters as I can make it.

At this point, all of my titles are either in a spread sheet, a note pad, or sometimes a piece of paper in front of me.

3. Creating Blog Post With Titles My next move is to transpose my working titles to individual blog post. If I have 50 keywords, and decide to put 20 of them into action this week, I title and save twenty blog post at the same sitting.

Even though I am satisfied with my titles, I can change them anytime prior to publishing, and can actually change my titles after a post is published if I'm sure not to change the url.

Now that I have my blog post titles written and saved on WordPress, I move on to sub headings in my post.

4. Writing Sub Headings

This is another part I'm not in love with, because I like to just start writing. The problem with that is you probably can't follow my train of thought because I'm likely to shoot off in different directions as I'm writing.

Because of that, and the fact that my post needs to be broken up into sub headings for readers to scan through and search engines to see how well I've researched the topic:

I now go through my saved post and write sub headings (h tags) that go along with the title. I always see my sub headings as the names of chapters. Short chapters, indeed.

By doing this I am spending time thinking through the post from the top to the bottom. When they are written (and not etched in stone) I can come back anytime in the future and know what I was thinking when I researched, and start writing to the sub headings.

5. Writing Blog Post I've researched keywords to write to, I've titled my post, I've outlined each post with sub headings, and now all I need to do is write a couple of hundred or so words to each.

I like to write an introductory paragraph or two that is somewhat seo optimizied so that the same words are copy/pasted into the meta description.

When I've finished writing the post, my next step is to somehow wrap it all up so it doesn't merely stop in no place particular.

Every post should have a purpose, and generally speaking the purpose is 1st to inform and 2nd to cause the reader to take an action.

That makes the concluding paragraph a great place to ask the reader to make a decision to purchase, or click a link, or leave a comment.

Systems for Writing Blog Post are More Efficient

Here's what I like about it: this system or any system you devise will make writing blog post more productive.

The reason it's more productive is that I can harvest more keywords when I've dedicated time to nothing but finding them.

I can write titles more efficiently when I am only thinking about writing titles..

The same thing goes for each step of producing content for a website. And if you're tasked with writing a lot of blog post each week, why not figure out how to do it more efficiently?

Do you have a system, or are you free handing the writing of each blog post individually?

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kimwolfe Premium
Great tips! I’m currently doing all steps above one post at a time. I’m working on this “system” which will make me more efficient. Thanks for sharing!
Cath88 Premium
Such a great, well-thought-out post with good information! Thanks very much, Mike! : )

stvmnn Premium
Good suggestions. I can be a bit disorganized when writing. This helps. I am still getting down a process that works for me.
Alysanna Premium
Awesome tips for writing blog posts that rank.

Yeah, I also think you should have your keywords ready first before writing any post so you have something to build on.

Thanks for sharing Mike.
jared247 Premium
Great system for getting a lot of content out quickly. Thanks for sharing Mike.