My New Health and Wellness Program !

Last Update: May 05, 2018

So Pumped and Excited !Day 10 of my new Health ProgramSleeping like a baby !Still making same amount of food for my dinner, only eating half of it. Remainder saved for tomorrow. Wish my Mom could see this ! Never before in 59 years have I not finished off my plate.

PM me if you would like to be amazed with the amount of nutrients contained in my one oz. breakfast supplement drink !You could not eat all the food needed to get these nutrients in an entire week ! And that's only 1/3 of the total program.

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Tirolith Premium
Keep up the good work.
DebbieRose Premium
Food is our good for you. I'm also becoming more conscious of portions and the quality of the food I eat. Best of health to you.
LouisaB Premium
I am excited for you. This is a perfect reason to be pumped-up! Congrats!
Elijah1916 Premium
Is it for diet purpose? I will rather eat the same amount in food than take supplement drink. Rather too much go in there, I believe.
MikeLong Premium
Hi Lanu,
It's great to see you have a passion for health and nutrition !
This is a nutritonal supplement It would be great if we could eat all this in a day ! You would be unable to eat enough to get this many and this quality of nutrition on a daily basis. Affording it would be the next issue ! I pm'd you the list of what that would take.
Regards !

Mike Long