Top 200 and Beyond, Are You Coming?

Last Update: April 28, 2021

Happy Wednesday to everyone,

This morning I logged into WA and I was greeted with a message saying I've achieved a milestone. My milestone was reaching the top 200!

How did I got here?

One step at a time! It's amazing what we can accomplish when we are focused.

Last night I was up until 4am working on one of my sites. I feel like a zombie but I am smart enough to get some more rest

I stopped in WA for a minute but didn't stay long because I had work to do. I was so busy I missed Kyle live training.

With that said, I just want to encourage you all to keep pushing even you don't see any activity in your business.

Top 100 here I come!

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Brongsugah Premium
Congrats Mike! Top 100 is just around the corner! You've got this!

Dadaz123 Premium
Take it one step at a time and stay consistent. Congratulations!
JeannineC Premium
Welcome to the Top 200! It's work to get here and work to stay, but you've shown you're up to the challenge.
Only1Hugh Premium
The sweet sound of success. Good going bro!
lesabre Premium
Congratulations Mike and continued success.

All the best,