I've Decided To Take The Plunge!

Last Update: October 10, 2018

No I'm not getting hitched ! I did that 24 years ago and so far so good ! LOL

I'm upgrading my home on the internet ! And it's waaay past time !

My website needs remodeling!

My main website is now getting close to 100 pieces of content and has almost 400 images on it. And to say it is slow is like saying it's dark when you turn the lights off! In fact my site is slower than snail slime in January! LOL

I built my site on the Admiral free theme when I started at Wealthy Affiliate. In fact, I built 2 websites and one that I have not been doing anything with, and all are on the same boat anchor theme !

I should have known better! I had multiple people warn me about that out dated theme, but it was easy and looked OK so I ignored them ! I won't do that again!

I had a scare last night !

I was working on my site to try to help the load time(Which absolutely sucks) and I installed the W3 Total Cache Plugin. My site went kaput, and I almost swallowed my head!

I did back the site up before I did it! But I notified Site Support and it was back up within 10 minutes ! The Avengers have nothing on these folks ! Thanks again Site Support!

I have spent some time watching videos and combing the different themes, and I think I'm going to convert to Divi!

Anyone else use Divi?

My project for this weekend is to start on the abandoned site with Divi and learn what I like and what works etc before I tackle my main 2 websites.

I would appreciate it if anyone else who has tried Divi chimed in here and set my mind to ease!

I'm curious about the function ad experience that others have had within the Site Rubix hosting platform with Divi, and if there are any suggestions that I can glean from.

One last thing!

As soon as I have the new theme on my main two sites and finished, I will be publishing my first E book to the Amazon platform!

Hint- If you want to check it out, it will be free on my website as well.

Hope everyone is progressing!

Stay on course and keep working! It might seem like you are progressing slow, but just keep progressing!

I saw a meme on Instagram the other day that summed it up perfectly!

If you are building something that you want to do for the rest of your life, don't quit after a few months" It takes time folks! Hang in there ! You will make it, if you keep working and don't give up!


I hope everyone has a great day and nothing but the absolute best of success to ya!


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Mercjall Premium
All good things! Let us know how it goes wit Divi
LivingPenny Premium
I’m just starting. What are good themes? I never Thought it would make a difference
MikeC69 Premium
I used Admiral free theme and it worked out great until about 40-50 posts then I started seeing my page load time and insights go in the crapper.
Choose a nice free theme and you will be fine for a good while. You can change themes any time and it's not difficult at all.
Best of success !
Johnpavich Premium
Mike you are a very funny guy , ha ha I think I know your next niche !
I had a good laugh and man u have a lot of posts !
Vickic3 Premium
I looked at Didi and then I looked at thrive themes and I think thrive have more to offer but just a thought Mike
Jerry Huang uses thrive as do a few more leaders here and say it is awesome and I have seen their sites and they rock :)
All the best
MikeC69 Premium
Since I have started reading the great input I've been getting I have been looking at thrive !
Jerry's website makes me jealous ! LOL
He did an awesome job with it!\
Thanks for your input, it is appreciated!
Best of success to you!
VanessaN Premium
I've been thinking of the divi theme myself but i haven't tried it yet. I want to experiment with it a bit first to see the possibilities.