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Last Update: June 06, 2020

Hi Everyone.

I just wanted to run this by you, it's regarding paid for themes.

I use a free theme that I really like the look of, it's layout suits my niche and it looks OK

I wanted to make some additions to my website layout and a few small changes as recommended by site feedback on here so I thought I would upgrade and buy the paid for version as it has a lot more flexibility.

So I "assumed" that the paid for version would leave my site looking as it was on the free version but with many more options for customization.

Wrong! - When the paid for version was installed my site changed dramatically, font, font size, layout = Loads of big changes and on Mobile the site looked dreadful with a font size 10 x too large.

I went back to the company precise themes and complained and had the free version put back on and my site instantly went back to how it was.

I have no idea if this is the case for all paid for themes but just remember my experience if you are thinking about paying for a theme upgrade and expect things to stay as they are on the free version.

Regards Mike

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Babou3 Premium
There is a quote that says "The best is the enemy of the good". This means that when we are happy with what we have or the work we have done sometimes it is better to stay at this good result instead of wanting to have even better. It's good that you could go back to what you had before which was already very good.

MikeAdkins Premium
Hi Ingrid.
Yes I think you are correct.

I have spend a couple of weeks toying with the idea of getting a paid for theme for the "improvements" it offered.
I have lost that time BUT it is a lesson learned. $30 down the drain but to be honest it is worth the money to realise that its content that counts!

All the best,
Regards Mike
Mick18 Premium
Sorry to hear that happened Mike. Thanks for sharing. That is good to be aware of.
Have a great Sunday,
MikeAdkins Premium
Thanks Mickey - You too.

Mark1957 Premium

Glad you were able to revert Mike, that was a bummer!

MikeAdkins Premium
Yes Mark. It was odd, it needs more investigation by me but the initial results were "scary" 😳 Mike