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Hi Everyone.For the first time in a long time I have just run a broken link check on my website. I used Marion's training for this and I knew that there quite a few links that needed updating or removing.I ran the check and got the results.However on my list of broken links there were quite a few that were nothing to do with my website, in fact they were old broken pages from other Wealthy Affiliate members sites.Can anyone explain how other members broken pages have come up on a broken link se
November 28, 2020
Hi Everyone.I have received an email from one of the UKs leading upcycled interiors magazines called "Reclaim"They are doing a special section on Lighting, the editor has seen my website and has read a few articles that I have posted about making lighting from recycled objects and refurbishing old and worn out vintage an Antique lighting.I was asked if I minded a mention in the lighting focus section in next month's magazine (on line and in print)Of course I said yes. The real delight for me is
November 19, 2020
Hi All.Is the excellent training by magistudios still included in the "normal" premium membership or is this now only available for premium plus?Kind Regards Mike
Im not sure if its my imagination but from my dark winter clad office here in the UK the WA platform seems a whole lot quicker since the changes.I am going to start using Jaxy and writing again tomorrow, I hope that seems faster!All the best - Mike
November 08, 2020
Hi Everyone.I haven been on here much lately, it has been a dark few months personally and website writing and WA use has had to take a back seat. I have had a look around WA and everything is quite different and fresh, I like the changes, the WA platform seems more modern.I have also seen a "premium plus" option for WA membership which appears to be much more expensive than the normal Premium membership.I have a question/concern.....Is the Premium Plus membership an addition of the Premium mem
August 14, 2020
I am really delighted. Someone out in the big WWW has spent $235 or £180 on a piece of quality lighting. They spent the money after reading my article and buying the lamp from a link in my affiliate webpost.I am so happy that the post was found and read, the commission is small $14 / £10.50 But thats not the point - This is encouarging for me and hopefully for anyone reading this.All i need to do is write more as i have been very quite on the writing side lately!RegardsMike
Hi Everyone.I have just checked my site security & performance and got this message - I dont know what this means?Is this anything to be concerened about? Is this something that I need to action or what?Mike
Hi - Hopefully a sdimple question.Site support upgraded my site to the newer servsers and i now have Kraken doing the image stuff.However I have just looked and i also have EWWW Image Optimizer in place - Should this be deleted?RegardsMike
June 12, 2020
Hi Everyone.I would love to hear from WA members on exactly how you manage your time.My situation...I sell on line, it is my only source of income. It works but is time intensive. I buy items, refurbish them and then sell them on line. As it is my only income I have to pay it close attention and make sure that the business is working and successful.My Website started on here at the end of Jan 19. I did all the training which took ages and now have my own website which I like but due to my lack
June 06, 2020
Hi Everyone.I just wanted to run this by you, it's regarding paid for themes.I use a free theme that I really like the look of, it's layout suits my niche and it looks OKI wanted to make some additions to my website layout and a few small changes as recommended by site feedback on here so I thought I would upgrade and buy the paid for version as it has a lot more flexibility.So I "assumed" that the paid for version would leave my site looking as it was on the free version but with many more op