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August 14, 2020
I am really delighted. Someone out in the big WWW has spent $235 or £180 on a piece of quality lighting. They spent the money after reading my article and buying the lamp from a link in my affiliate webpost.I am so happy that the post was found and read, the commission is small $14 / £10.50 But thats not the point - This is encouarging for me and hopefully for anyone reading this.All i need to do is write more as i have been very quite on the writing side lately!RegardsMike
Hi Everyone.I have just checked my site security & performance and got this message - I dont know what this means?Is this anything to be concerened about? Is this something that I need to action or what?Mike
Hi - Hopefully a sdimple question.Site support upgraded my site to the newer servsers and i now have Kraken doing the image stuff.However I have just looked and i also have EWWW Image Optimizer in place - Should this be deleted?RegardsMike
June 12, 2020
Hi Everyone.I would love to hear from WA members on exactly how you manage your time.My situation...I sell on line, it is my only source of income. It works but is time intensive. I buy items, refurbish them and then sell them on line. As it is my only income I have to pay it close attention and make sure that the business is working and successful.My Website started on here at the end of Jan 19. I did all the training which took ages and now have my own website which I like but due to my lack
June 06, 2020
Hi Everyone.I just wanted to run this by you, it's regarding paid for themes.I use a free theme that I really like the look of, it's layout suits my niche and it looks OKI wanted to make some additions to my website layout and a few small changes as recommended by site feedback on here so I thought I would upgrade and buy the paid for version as it has a lot more flexibility.So I "assumed" that the paid for version would leave my site looking as it was on the free version but with many more op
Hi Everyone.I have a couple of questions regarding website emails.So I have an email with my name on that I use on my website, it is getting busy with the passing of time and I want to use the forwarding option to my everyday email account.To do this I understand that I have to delete my web email address then set it up again under the forwarding tab so question one is - Is there any pitfalls in doing this?Second question - Can I reply from my normal account so that it appears the reply has com
Hi everyone.OK here is a question that I need a bit of help and clarity on.I have written a web post about a type of lighting and I am recommending my 12 favourite types of a certain type of lighting product. Approx 1300 words.Each of the 12 favourites has an image from the company I am an affiliate with, each has a description and my ideas about the product.ALL 12 come from the same company.Question - To my mind the best way of doing the affiliate link would be to have ONE link to the company
Hi Everyone.I am after reviews or opinions on the WP Rocket plug in. I know it is a paid for plug in and based on my initial research it seems like a good buy.However i value the thoughts of the WA community.So what do you all say?Kind Regards Mike
Hi Smush users and techies.I think this is a simple question but being cautious and a bit careful I thought I would ask.SMUSH - After some good advice on here from experts I want to try Smush.Currently I have EWWW Image Optimizer installed. Question - Do I have to uninstall EWWW Image Optimizer before installing Smush? Thank you for readingMikePS - The picture is of my best friend Bertie.
Hi everyone.I have received 2 organic emails in the last 4 days.Both are asking for help and advice on old Vintage items of lighting.Obviously there is no money making going on but its great to get questions like this as it shows people are trusting your posts and content.RegardsMike