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October 31, 2020
How many times has this happened to you. Your right in the middle of creating content for a site, or doing a special project and babam your bombarded by all sorts distractions .They can be a multitude of them. The same holds true when we are building a web site. When a visitor comes to your site are they distracted by flashing banners and flooded with affiliate links. You probably created some great content on your niche, but with those type of distractions it would create a lost visitor. We ne
The two month mark is around the corner and I wanted to reach out to everyone and express how grateful I am for finding Wealthy Affiliate. All the members here have been very supportive with questions answered, posts and ideas. The training is beyond awesome, and the help from members are just a click away.When signing on, had no idea of what I was in for. Absolutly no experience or knowledge into affiliate marketing, web site building. and all the other related stuff that goes with it. Lear
October 08, 2020
Just to clarify if this needs to be done each time we add a new post. After posting when we scroll down that page near the bottom there is a two part section Title 60 words or less and Description of 160. Do we need to complete this after every post. I assume we should, because it may help with indexing, In lesson 6 of the traing videos, Kyle shows doing this for the home page settings, Home page and Home description On a regular post it is listed as just Title and Description
October 07, 2020
With All of our websites the content is in the English language. I seen this on another website that had a drop down menu for different languages. Brilliant idea, considering our sites are out there in cyber-space. The recipient has that option of selecting there Native language using a drop down menu to view your site. I watched a you tube video using the GTranslate pluging for word press. The plug-in is available in your Word press back office .Go to plugins ,add new and use the search for G
September 24, 2020
Once we have built our site on the, and then we make that decision to start a dot com site. We have created a lot of content, blogs, pictures what ever the case may be within the siterubix domain. How is all this information transfered over? Do we need to copy and paste, or are we starting over from scratch again. ThanksMike
September 23, 2020
Hope everyone is safe and well during this pandemic.Just a few weeks with WA and I got thinking about this versus the regular dot com. Is there any difference in using the siterubix provided by WA as compared to using the original Dot com. Advantages-Diadvantages? The process should be the same I would assume in using key words to help with being indexed regardless if its dot org, dot net or whatever is being used, Curious to hear what other members have to say, good , bad , co
September 22, 2020
After completting lesson 7 on content with about, brief welcome your story and then when finished we click the publish button, I realized a mistake needed to be corrected. Here in the back office of WA I clicked the edit button, thinking I was able to do this here but it brought me into the back office of Word Press. I managed to complete the job, but one needs to use caution by not deleteing the special characters by mistake , one can really mess up. Is there an easier way to edit content
September 15, 2020
Here we go, first day as premium and I ended up with a broken website. I found a theme that I liked and went with it. I deleted the one that I had started with as a free member, the original was only a 30-second build, now with the new theme I can not access, being denied. Here is an update on that issue, I contacted tech and they gave me instructions on how to resolve the issue, You can just try clearing your DNS cache.Ref: Clear Browser Cache, History, Et
September 14, 2020
I made the decision today to upgrade to Premium.Very excited to get this off the ground and move forward towards my goals and dreams. Very happy to have found WA, the resources and community are great