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Hello, everyone. My name is Joey -- and I can't believe how long it's been since I edited my bio (been a member since 2007)! I'll have to come up with something cool to write - ha, ha, ha.
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ArkMusa Premium
Hey Joey - nice to meet you and thanks for following. I accidently came to this community through your website - 3 days ago (when I signed up for free)!!! :)
La Clave Online Premium
!!!.buenas noches a todos haven a good night.!!! hey i got the FU#$% idea and i dont know how but no ME VOY A QUITAR PU*^%$ VOY A MI and you know what i dont giveup i keep going to do my sueno i goin to promoting a some one to help i got to many pepole here in puerto rico they want to make money on this but the problems is they no speek to much ingles or no undertand ingles so i got plenty ideas to do in all puerto rico and america latina to help to do that on espanol and expleing everithing about this program work and how to make money on affiliate maketing and dropshiping so I WANT TO SOM ONE TO HELP ME AND WORK WITH ME TO MAKE MY DREAMS AND MAKE MUCH MONEY $$$$$$ SO HOW WANT TO DO THAT WITH ME???
La Clave Online Premium
hey pana mio gracias por salir y decir q hablas espanol hey nesecito ayuda para hacer el blog y el website y quisiera saver cual es la diferencia por que para mi son inguales
Miguelito203 Premium
I don't use Facebook or social network marketing at all. I tried to get into it, but it's just not my thing. I am sure there are some that do, though. Leave a message in the forum like in the general discussion forum or something. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
HLW777 Premium
Hi Joey,
Hope you're well today. It's 34 degrees celcius here in Cape Town today. I'm planning to jump in the swimming pool some time today.

I'm still getting familiar with all the functionalities of WA.
I would like to do bum marketing as a start. I do not want to spend too much money. Our currency (ZAR) is 8 times weaker that the US$. Do you perhaps have any ideas how I can make a quick buck.Or what is your approach to making money online?
Hope to read from you soon.
nmeyskens Premium
Hey Joey,
Thanks for the welcome.
galla Premium
Joey, thanks again for the welcome. It looks like both of us need a buddy, you'll get over that 13 number and you'll be my 1st buddy here. How does it sound?
mysticboy Premium
amplify Premium
Hey Joey, glad we've hooked up!
guitar fire Premium
Hi Miguelito,
What is an AeroGrow garden? Sounds interesting. I'm somewhat new around here but making my presence known because I love people. I see you are from NC I recently read a book series based on a small ficticious town there. How are you doing here at WA? I love it but am bogged down with the 4th week.
Wish you all the best,
Guitar fire,
bluecloud Premium
Hi Joey, thank you for leaving me a message in the forum, i wish you success in your internet venture. Do keep in touch!

Wish You Success!
Cloud Siah
lumin0sity Premium
Hey Joey...I just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks for the welcome email. You were the first person to email since I've joined and I added the affiliate link to the pepper jam network. I will do a bit of research and see what its all about. Thanks again and good luck in your ventures.
Copasetic Premium
Hello Miguelito203. You joined the same day I did. I was surprised to find that my gold had increased without doing anything for it.. You have an inspiring profile. I tend to put myself down, but you have cracked a ruler across my knuckles! I have sent some gold right back at ya--you earned yours! I hope you don't mind. I placed you on my buddy list. Thank you very much, and I'm glad you're with us.
Hey Joey,
Just checked out your lens...nice job man! Keep up the good work!

Colorado J
Thateldoo Premium
Joey, I'm impressed with your scholastic accomplishments! I'm new to WA and my ambitions are right along side of yours! Please look me up in My WA Space. OH...and take another picture with a big smile...LOL LOL...! I just wrote my first article and have it on Squidoo...WOW, I'm now "Published"...LOL LOL...! Good Luck and if (when) I need help, I'll be asking YOU...!