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June 30, 2014
Hi y'all, A few days ago I finished Course 2 and just got into Course 3, ready to start affiliate marketing. It was not as easy as I expected though, once I tried to join Affiliate Networks, it would not let me. They wanted my tax info for my U.S tax forms, and I had to find other networks. I was looking for 6 hours for affiliate networks and "independent" affiliate programs, but it just seemed like a dead end. I also tried Amazon and Ebay, but Amazon rejected me for not having enough content,
June 06, 2014
Hello, I was thinking lately of doing an FAQ for the WA newbies about what they can/should do and what they can't/shouldn't, helping them through the journey of Affiliate Market. If you think I missed a question, notify me. Let's begin! Q: When will I make money? A: You will make money when you have a successful business and traffic with your website. Also, do not fill your website with ads or affiliate programs, that will kill your website's rankings. Q: How do I make money? A: There are
You people who are not premium are probably wondering: "Is it worth it? Or will I get scammed like usually? What if they lie to me?". Well let me be clear, regular members. Being premium is probably the greatest thing you will do as a member of WA. Things like free Keyword tools, 24/7 Support, Live Chat and Comment benefits are available to you as a premium. Those are very useful and are going to come in handy! Plus, you get a 60% offer on 1 month of premium, on your first week, and this is whe