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I'm excited to continue the journey down the WA pathI learned just a few weeks in that the community members and mentors are exceptional and I will need to spend lots of time here so I decided to commit to the annual membership. It was a must for me as I am committed to make this project a success. Thank you, Kyle for hooking this up and to some mentors that I've connected with thus far in the community. You made it an excellent experience for me to this point. I'm looking forward to con
My ProgressPrior to joining WA I attempted to start my own informational and affiliate marketing website using free information on YouTube. I got as far as creating a word press website, selecting my own branded domain and posting one or two posts which seemed exciting in that moment. I found I was moving at a snail's pace which was frustrating. I spent too much time with the word press theme and trying to figure out how to operate it all on my own. After 4-6 weeks I chose to join WA as a