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One of the wealth principles from Harv Eker is to commit to what you want to achieve. That is to do the things even though it's a discomfort to you. If we keep doing the same thing, we get the same result. Do the different things and get different results. Growth is through doing the things that make you discomfort.One of the member in WA have done this, she started a Youtube channel and felt uncomfortable recording her first video, showing yourself on Youtube to the public is a discomfort. How
February 14, 2020
One of the wealth principles mentioned in The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind is that the rich is a problem solver.In our daily life, we cannot avoid problems occurring. We have planned our days ahead but it is common to encounter hindrance along the way. What separates the successful entrepreneur and the unsuccessful ones are the willingness and ability to solve problems. Nowadays, one of the characteristics that job recruiters look for in a candidate is the ability to solve problems.In affili
We are all presented with the same trainings and tools here. Some can take it and thrive, some may not experience success with it. Does the problem exist in the program? I have been reading for the past few weeks. Well technically not reading but listening to the audio book while commuting between work and home. I have realized what I have been missing is the mindset of a successful person, a mindset of a rich person. There is a difference between the mindset of the rich and the poor.There's a
January 26, 2020
On the 1st day of CNY, Chinese will visit closest relatives, children bringing tangerines/mandarins for elders as a gift symbolizing wealth and luck. And elders or parents will be giving the red packet where money is kept inside to children, teenagers and any young adults that is not married yet. Everyone will be greeting each other and exchanging Chinese New greeting phrases wishing each other wealthy, health, luck etc. Today is the 2nd day if the Chinese New Year, visiting friends on this day
January 04, 2020
I woke up and checked my email. I received this email.This is encouraging and motivate me to post more content. Cheers.
January 03, 2020
Today I just wanna share my thoughts here with you, which is related to affiliate marketing ;-) Hope it will be helpful to you, and it will be helpful to me so that I can refer back to this post as a reminder in future.Here's my thoughts as I was walking : - I am going to spend my time, energy on building my website. Creating contents regularly, so that more people can learn from my contents.Make my website like my baby, I want to see my baby grow, so I want the best for her. I am willing to sp
December 26, 2019
It's almost 1 month after joining back WA during Black Friday sale. I just like to share a bit on my progress, here at my break time with my mobile phone. Today I should have my off day, instead I have been rescheduled to work. So that is working the whole week during this Christmas season. Anyway, in this month, I managed to achieve the goal I set for myself, it's a small goal though, and that is to complete phase 1 of the training, which I managed to complete. Other than that, during this mon
December 18, 2019
As I am having limited quality time to work on the training, I can only follow through the training bit by bit. This will be a long journey for me and will be a big challenge. However, no matter how hard it is. I will keep on walking, once started there's no turning back. To reach that goal is something worthwhile and it is within my reach. If others can do it, why not me? I will see Las Vegas and meet other Super WA affiliates there. Wish me luck my fellow WA members and I will see you guys at
December 08, 2019
Having to work more than 60 hours at my full-time job last week, which is quite tiring, I still managed to go through some of the training in WA. Although It is not far, but getting notification about a new badge earned helps reinforce the prinicipal of success milestone taught by Jay.Perhaps being a perfectionist, I tend to complicate things, one thing that I always try to reduce, is to not over-complicated things. Even choosing a domain name can be a time-consuming task for me. But after watc
December 04, 2019
Joined WA in 2013, left and went to look for better money making opportunities. 6 years nothing fruitful, deceived by shiny objects. Now back to WA.This is where I will stay for the rest of my affiliate marketing business endeavors.