Oh Well....!

Last Update: August 14, 2012
Any newbie knows how the first thing you want to get hold of as soon as you get out of work is the computer and the first site you want to check is anyone's guess. So, with this anticipation, I got home today and I knew it was not going to turn out that way when my 14 year old looked at me like I was not supposed to be in that house at that time. I know that look so at the back of my mind, I included that to do list 'find out the reason behind that look', I said 'hi' and got grunts from 2 boys who sounded like they either did not understand how to respond to the word 'hi', or I had spoken a language they had never heard of. I made a mental note to find out about that but now, first things first as I almost sashayed to my bedroom to change into comfortable clothes.

I then went to the computer and turned it on, and hurried to make myself a cup of tea as I get comfortable to bury myself in the WA website. I accidentally peeked at my 'deer in headlights look' son and now both him and his 16 year old brother looked like they were waiting to be sentenced. That stopped me in my tracks! I was on the verge of receiving bad news! Now, I have to be physically ready for bad news. I don't do well with bad news when I am hungry, so I fixed myself a snack, all the while calculating how I was going to get to the bottom of it. It did not take long, only I did not pay attention. The problem was staring me right in the face. My computer was not working!

I cannot really tell you but suddenly there was this sound akin to croaking frogs at your backyard in the morning, each trying to outdo the other one with explanations I did not really hear but at the end of that very poor presentation, I gathered one of them had poured either juice or water on the computer and it 'died'. Let's just say two boys are wondering why they have to live 'in the wilderness' that is their home with no video games, TV and phone after being grounded while I figure out how next to either fix or buy a new computer. I typed this from my phone...The joys of motherhood....
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mi6rima Premium
Thanks for reading this. Fortunately my warranty was not expired and they fixed for me, the boys promised to be more careful and no drinks anywhere near the computer!
I loved reading this. Had to get my kids their own computer after they did it to me as well. Check out the Google ChromeBooks.
BIS Premium
Oh poor you. I didnt know whether to laugh or cry for you.I hope that you find a solution soon. It also reminded me to move my own drink away from my laptop.
rechest1 Premium
I'm sorry to hear that......boys will be boys, but in the meantime you could perhaps use a pc at your local library for training purposes only (print & take notes) in WA and then maybe get a slightly used pc from ebay or craigslist....just a though (hope I didn't insult you) but don't give up.

joeknight Premium
awww , the joys of parent hood lol