Last Update: August 17, 2012
I have hit a block! Cannot think straight. I have all these ideas which I want to implement at the same time, have read too many articles I do not quite understand. So, I have taken it upon myself to call it a day and retire to bed early, tomorrow is another day and I will be ready to tackle the rest. Good night folks...
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Patience is a virtue Ms Mi6rima. List your goals and follow through with each one. If you need help, I'm around here somewhere.
by the way, really catchy blog name :D
cashflow+ Premium
Cheers! Success to you.
Sometimes we plan too much and put too much pressure on ourselves. Happens to us all, I think. So need for worries :) You did the right thing by retiring for the day. Start afresh again.
Labman Premium Plus
Write down your ideas( I bought a composition book) and try to decide what is at the top of your priority list. Check each off as you go and soon you will be starting the next list.

Helps to keep organized and it is a great thing to refer back to later when you have a few things mastered or want to try to remember something that you did before.

I leave a few lines after each idea to fill in the details of completion.

Information overload is common to all when you start. There is a huge amount to learn and you can't do it all in a day. When your brain is full step away for a bit. Come back refreshed and start again.