Social Media Is Not All About Ads!

Last Update: July 03, 2017

We've all utilized social media for years to keep up with friends and family, or share photos etc. but, are you using it to sell your business or even better, are you using it to sell yourself? So many times I see friends on Facebook, and they are just posting their companies new product, or how to join the business, instead of posting about things they enjoy or have an interest in! Think about it this way....., most everyone hates buying a new car, or at least the sales tactics that we endure to buy one! No one wants to have someone pushing a product down their throat! People are interested in the person behind the product first. If you love fitness, and you are showing people meals that you like, and excercise routines you enjoy, people will be drawn to what you have to offer them personally! When people really like you for you, they trust you enough to take your advice when selling a product that coincides with your passion!

So utilize social media to promote the real you, and stop selling the product or opportunity! Sell yourself, because in the end we aren't numbers, we're people :)

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davntenn Premium
u r Right n so True.
mickeyb123 Premium
Relationship building is the cornerstone of a great business foundation! It is what we work on every day, here, at WA!