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We've all utilized social media for years to keep up with friends and family, or share photos etc. but, are you using it to sell your business or even better, are you using it to sell yourself? So many times I see friends on Facebook, and they are just posting their companies new product, or how to join the business, instead of posting about things they enjoy or have an interest in! Think about it this way....., most everyone hates buying a new car, or at least the sales tactics that we endure
I worked on finding a product last week, and tried advertising through my social media etc. I worked for a few days creating a squeeze page, and landing page that would redirect to my product site. I didn't check any of my sales reports until this morning, which now shows two individual sales which brings my commissions to $50.41, I'm so excited!! I have worked in multiple Direct Selling companies and making $50 was usually difficult, so $50 in one day, without me actually having to do any wo