The Secret Part 2

Last Update: April 18, 2015

Everyone feels empty until they find a purpose in life. No matter how rich you are and how many things you have; if you don't have a purpose that includes helping others the successes are very empty.

There are 3 stages of Attraction:

  • The 1st stage is the most important-to connect with Spirit (any power you can relate to; whether that would be God or Higher Power), so you can attract what Spirit wants for you). Your Higher Power is within yourself.
  • 2nd stage involves listening to Spirit (your inner voice), so you can organize your thoughts into a clearer mental understanding of what you need to attract.
  • The 3rd stage shows you how to turn a thought or idea in a reality.

Think about these points while you sleep and we will continue tomorrow.

Pleasant Dreams!

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fgeorgalos Premium
Love it!!!
danbarth87 Premium
Love those points! Thanks
HarryK1 Premium
Good advice, a lot of my ideas come to me in dreams.
Shawn Martin Premium