My Apologies

Last Update: January 09, 2020

I Must Apologize

I try to post every week on Monday but I was otherwise occupied and didn't get around to it until today.

What was up? Well a mix of things really...

  • Mini Vacation - I went to Southern California and hit Disney and Universal
  • Family - Sadly, my mother-in-law ended up with an infection in her knee, the same one that was fully replaced back in April) and she ended up going to recovery facility after the hospital discharged her.
  • Nightmare - The recovery facility was what you'd expect from a horror movie. Ignoring their patients, was way under staffed and rather rude. Nancy was in there 26 hours by the time we got home and to the facility. In that time period, she was never given her blood tests for diabetes (even after telling them on several occasions that she was diabetic). They continued to give her high-carb food and would randomly give her the IV antibiotics that the doctor prescribed and stressed needed to be done at specific times and intervals. When we questioned them about it their response was "it's not in the computer so we don't do it". We were also told to stop yelling at the nurse (which we weren't yelling but apparently if we don't agree with what she says then we are). We looked at the orders and the first line says diabetic, check blood daily. Since they refused to do it, I went home and grabbed her meter and came back to do it ourselves. In that time, they informed Joe and Nancy that they were kicking us out and calling the police. Our response was OK. When the medical transport arrived, they looked at the orders and confirmed the same things we were saying. They also said this is not a unique story with this facility. To top it off, the place smelled of urine (not fresh) and feces. I understand that someone can have an accident but I don't think that was the case here. As we were leaving there was also a strong smell of pot coming from the employees only area... Needless to say, we'll be reporting this facility to the proper authorities.


So, where am I in my goals and whatnot? I'm glad you asked. I'm on course believe it or not. Right now I'm a day behind in my post schedule but will be caught up by tomorrow.


The same as usual:

  • Log in and help 5 people via Live Chat and answering posted questions per day, Monday through Friday (total of 25)
  • Leave up to 6 site comments per day, Monday through Friday, assuming there are that many requests (total of 30)
  • Publish 1 post on WA (This one)
  • Publish 1 post on each of my sites (total of 3)
  • Research 2 keywords per site (total of 6)
  • Flesh out/break down 2 articles per site, including titles and headings (total of 6)
  • Share 1 WA post on Facebook

As I said, I'm pretty-much on par with the exception that my site posts are 1 behind right now but I'll get that caught up.

What have you been up to and what are your goals for this week?

Thanks for reading,


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bill808 Premium Plus
That is why I'm keeping my wife at home. I'm grateful to have a fine team of 3 family caregivers. Hospice care is free. Their nurse and their routine caregiver come in twice a week. to check how she is doing and give her a bath.

Nancy needs 24/7 and it is tough. but it is worth it to know she is not sitting in shit. I don't get a lot of sleep because I sleep on a cot next to her bed and wake up whenever she needs to be cleaned up.

Infection after knee surgery is common enough that they gave me antibiotics for a week after the surgery and then every time I went to the dentist for a couple of years.

Constant interruptions not only interfere with sleep but also with work. I bring my computer into her room and am able to work while not caring for my wife.

No one plans for the cost of end of life issues. Being resilient and being able to pay for end of life expenses is why I am here at WA
I'm building a business that will help me become financially resilient.

Your business will provide you the income you need to deal with emergencies. I'm so grateful for the help of my daughter and granddaughter. We make a great care team. They have dedicated their lives to caring for grandma.

Scott, it sounds like you have suffered incompetence and neglect from surgery to recovery. I hope you have things under control now. and your mother-in-law is well on her way to recovery.

I congratulate you on being able to plan time to work on your business.

merlynmac Premium
Thank you Bill,
I work with what I get :). It can be hard to deal with things but such is life.

Luckily, we have everything under control now and Nancy is doing well.

Thanks again,
Stanleycmng Premium Plus
No worries, Scott. That is what community is about. Mini vacations are always fun... we all have life to attend to all the time...
Lydia19 Premium
Great post. I am familiar with those situations.
timstime20 Premium
Congrats on accomplished goals sorry about mother in laws situation
Tracking is important if we don’t we don’t know if we are doing t he the action required to reach our goals ..
great information
merlynmac Premium
JasonKang Premium
Great works.
Tracking the work performed on a weekly basis looks like a great idea.
Thank you for sharing.
merlynmac Premium
Any time.