So Sad To Cancel My Jaaxy

Last Update: August 13, 2016

Yesterday I had a really bad experience.

I was rehearsing at a theater in a dodgy area with my dance studio, when under my nose my car keys were taken and my car was broken into. My handbag was stolen with all my cards. I am just happy they didn't take the car too.

Even worse, my house keys and my Spanish Dancing Gear was taken too.

I have had to cancel all my cards, and unfortunately Jaaxy is about to renew, so I thought, let me cancel them too for now until I get a new credit card (which will take 14 days), or the payment won't go through and I might be in trouble.

I did a bit of keyword research for my next few posts before I shut it down though.

I just hope that when I go back to my paid membership my affiliate links will stay the same, otherwise I will have to go through my entire site to change them all.

Lessons to be learnt here:

1. Don't leave anything of value in the boot of your car if you can help it.

2. Maybe instead of a handbag I should walk around with a moon bag attached to me at all times with my valuables.

3. To prevent thieves drawing out of your bank account, make sure your pin is not too obvious. I stupidly lost another R 1000.00 because of this.

Needless to say, I managed to borrow a couple of hundred rand so I could survive the weekend, but is is extremely difficult having no wallet to put it in and no bag to carry. I have always been a one handbag kind of girl, so now I am a bit stuck.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend further.

Bye for now.

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RTejeda Premium
So sorry! Glad to hear that you are well. Have peace, this situation is temporary.
MPollock Premium
I hate thieves as bad as scammers, glad you are okay. contact Kyle and explain the situation.
Backontrack Premium
Just glad that you are safe. "Things" can always be replaced.
theresroth Premium
Hope this will be resolved for you, soon! Thinking of you...
KatieMac Premium
not good , if it does not come through in time you can always contact Kyle or Carson, failing that you can use the free keyword tool here it still does a good job, hope it is all resolved soon not a nice thing to happen