My Second Birthday At WA

Last Update: May 04, 2020

In everything there is a season.

In life, there is always been someone in someone's life, and that someone in my life is my source of encouragement here at Wealthy Affiliate. I've been here for quite a time, This is my second birthday at wealthy affiliate. Tomorrow I'll be turning 44, I have so much to be thankful to the Lord. My family, my beloved wife, 2 sons, and my family members.
Most of all, my wealthy affiliate who keeps me inspiring even to the most down moment of my travel here at wealthy affiliate. All I can say is, Thank you so much, friends.

To the boss, who is the source of knowledge, Kyle and Carson and the virtual buddy Jay, and to all the always present when I post, a Post, Ingrid, NurseBecca Jeffrey, Twack, Stanley, My Kababayans, you know who you are. and to all of you guys I can not mention all of you. Thank you so much and to my 3,200 plus network, you are there always, giving me the strength to write a post. You know what? Every time I do this, I am always inspired to read your messages, you know that, and the proof that I read them all because I have replied to all your messages.

I hope this 3,200 network will greet me tomorrow heheheehhe, Challenge, this is a challenge to all of my friends.

anyway, in everything, there is a season, as we go along this world, we keep on making history every day. It could be either good or bad, funny or sad, we passed this world once, so let us make our lives always no matter how hopeless it may be, we can always make our own way out to each and every problem we are facing.

Am I the one to say a word? I guess All of you... Helehe, anyway. This is enough, My wish this year's journey hopefully, it will be full of sign-ups sales and more wisdom. We don't know what will tomorrow's bring. But if we will do our task here, I know we will achieve what we desire.

Happy Birthday to other members of this community who will be going to celebrate their birthday on the 5th of May


I am expecting a gift tomorrow. ahahahhhhahaha

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Palatia Premium Plus
Happy Birthday, Merven! I wish you a great day and continued success at WA.

MElumir Premium
THank you for getting my message. Thanks for the greetings.
Isaiah14 Premium
Happy anniversary 👍 And keep moving forward!

Isaiah 😊
MElumir Premium
edhozubin Premium
Congrats and keep it up.
MElumir Premium
thanks buddy
a1jonuk1 Premium
Happy 2nd Anniversary.

Best wishes for many more successful years.

MElumir Premium
Thanks Andy