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October 14, 2020
Good day, I want to sell my website. Wealthy affiliate rank is 1544, and more than 100 articles written. Is this a good idea?thank you The point that I am trying to ask is this website can be sold? if its so how much the price would it be. I hope that this is not against the rule of WA.
September 06, 2020
How is your Website as of today? Is it generating little income? is the fire keeps burning?I ask this question to ask also my self, because to tell you honestly, I am stagnant right now. I did not post any new product review, that when the time I scanned my works, I was far left behind.Whatever your reason is, keep that fire burning, do not follow what I did. keep posting at least one a week.The secret of success in this journey is consistency. If you tarry, we are only putting our journey
July 23, 2020
I'm back on this page once again... I missed you a lot for how many months I was not able to post any post here, I know some of you don't know yet what happened to me. I was Suspended for a couple of months or more than.There are some restrictions on this platform that sometimes we think it's ok but that's against the rule of Wealthy affiliate. I was banned because I violated the rule on religious matter/advertisement and many more which I don't know that that is not good.Now, I make this blo
Thank You Wealthy Affilaite Friends For your Best WishesThank you is the most powerful word in the world I ever know, but this word also sometimes was the very hard word to hear.I was so overwhelmed by your greetings, thank you so much for all who greeted me Happy Birthday, to all of you, I cannot name all of you but you know who you are. I am in a cloud nine today.And also those who want to say a world "Thank You". This is the only word I can give you back.Nurse Becca, Please extend my Wishes
May 05, 2020
This paid the hard labor I put here at wealthy affiliate. It’s hard to maintain rank, you need to be active and do welcoming everyone especially to the new member.But I enjoy doing it. Much so, I received a lot of wishes and greetings, thank you for your kindness and all encouragements.Wish me luck for more success, I hope We will become successful with our goals. Another years to come, and its another challenge once more.
In everything there is a season. In life, there is always been someone in someone's life, and that someone in my life is my source of encouragement here at Wealthy Affiliate. I've been here for quite a time, This is my second birthday at wealthy affiliate. Tomorrow I'll be turning 44, I have so much to be thankful to the Lord. My family, my beloved wife, 2 sons, and my family members.Most of all, my wealthy affiliate who keeps me inspiring even to the most down moment of my travel here at weal
Summer is the most the busiest part of the year. But now that this coronavirus scares us, all of our family gatherings, graduations, reunion, and other important meetings, and conventions were prohibited, and even the most important aspect of human life the spiritual was deprived.Again, I don't believe that things we dreamed of the back to normal activities are allowed to this new normal. Just this morning our I have 2 very important meetings attended first was our family reunion, and the secon
May 01, 2020
Have you heard of Taipei 101? I was Privilege to visit this year last year. Or the Land mark rather, the Taiwan’s tallest tower, or considered as one of the worlds the tallest tower.Back to my purpose, why I write this posts, because today marks as my 101’s rank here at the Wealthy Affiliate. I know that not everyone here in this community has hit the exact number “101” I hope this is my lucky day.Busy DayI did not do many interactions with the team today, yesterday
Before COVID-19 became pandemic around the world, it has been forecast already that there will be jobs that are no longer needed in the business world. Bad news for those who are not ready for their second income giver business. And Good news also for those who already started there business in this community.Whether we like it or not, this scenario will really happen for the next years to come. According to the World Economic Forum, this job will decline soon.a. Data Entry Clerksb. Accounting,
April 28, 2020
Happiness is a ChoiceYes, definitely, happiness is a choice. Experts suggest, that if you want to be happy the whole day, start you day with a beautiful smile. I know to some gets up early in the morning is a personal struggle. I for one is a person who hates waking up early in the morning. But, the reality is, we have to do this every day. We have to wake up to do our everyday activities so that we will be able to work on the dream, we dream of. I suggest, when you wake up Happy, that wi