Remember To Save Your Website

Last Update: July 23, 2014

As a friendly reminder to WA members please export your websites on a regular basis to a folder on your computer to save them. You will never know when something unexpected can happen to websites while working on them. I had a disastrous event happened to me a few weeks ago. I almost lost my entire website after I had clicked on option to add to my website. Apparently, I did something.

After adding that option, I was unable bring up my website and an error message about a server error came up. Fortunately, I was able to bring back my website by using a program called "FileZilla". That program saved my website and it was not an easy process using this program to retrieve my website, but in the end I got my website back.

So please pause and save websites now if you have not done it at all or in a while. You will be glad you did if something awful happen to your website after putting all of your time and effort into it.

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garthjen Premium
I use dropbox and backwpup, is that not good enough? Garth
Maksim Premium
I would still have additional back up as you never know when thing go bad, and on files on drop box can get corrupt aswell.
garthjen Premium
That's enough for me, I will put in additional backup as you suggest.
Funmine Premium
Thanks for this timely reminder.