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Happy Mother's Day everyone! I know normally this is the day to celebrate mothers and for all of you out there Happy Mother's day! But I also want to say Happy Mother's Day to all of those single fathers out there! You have to pull the work of 2. I know what it is like so I want to make sure and include you as well!I hope whether this day pertains to you or not, That you have a wonderful day regardless.
Hi everyone!As I read more and more blogs on here I am more impressed as to everyones encouragement to each of us to keep going and not to give up. There are many great ones out there that I do love to read when I am struggling.However it leads me to a question for all of you. And that is what is your reason for wanting to be successful? It is something like being able to have the pride of accomplishment or is something more like you need finicial stability. Or better yet maybe it is complete f
Hi everyone. I know it has been a while since I have wrote a blog, and I am sorry. However I have been extrememly busy, both on here/on my site and with my personal life as well.I am so happy and love the new look of our platform. It is great and very easy to navigate around. I think my favorite is the help center. This is a lot more organized. So what have you been up to? I would love to hear your latest accomplishment!Me I have one big accomplishment in here. I have made sure every single pos
April 18, 2018
Hey everyone! I hope you are well today. Me I am doing great and singing happy songs!You see I had have had some really good things happen here lately.I have learned how to better use Instagram thank to Debs66 and my daughter. This is great because my site is being circulated a lot more, more like and visitors. So happy!Made my first sale today! This is due to a wonderful memeber here in Wealthy Affiliate as well. Thank you Jessica!And I took a big leap out of my comfort zone, I think this will
April 07, 2018
Hi everyone I hope everyone is doing good.I am not sure why I feel this is neccessary to share with you tonight, but it has been sitting on my mind and I feel I need to.For about the past couple of hours I have been going through and reading blogs that I tucked away for a time like now. Basically a change give my brain a little break.However, as I was reading them I came accross one, no it was not bad in any size shape or form. But more towards how someone has had a rough life but they remember
Hello everyone. I hope you are all doing well.Me I am doing great. I have been productive as Jay mentioned in his last live video training. I have went through all of the over 1000 plus people I have been following and if you happened to have your social media links listed I have followed each and everyone.I have also been working through some training that I have had tucked away. I am glad I did I have found some very useful things (at the time I tucked them away I didn't understand them).For
Hello everyone! I hope everyone is well. I have had a very productive day today. I have been in the comments platform in site rubix. Boy let me tell you I have read so much today.Here was my mission. For every post I had that didn't comment I set out to earn enough credits to get 3 comments on every one of them. Now if you do the real quick math that is reading 6 post for every one of mine. So in all I think I have read 48 of your guys posts.Let me tell you what I love all of the posts I read y
March 28, 2018
So I am still working on my first site. And building it up trying to get more traffic and what not.But I have decided this wasn't enough I am now on my second site. It did get indexed by google today so now it is in the works also. I still have a lot to do on it though. Trying to make sure I remember all the little tricks to the trade along the way.Well I hope everyone is having a fantastic night/day!
March 27, 2018
Hey everyone how is everybody doing?I wanted to tell everyone that I interact with thank you for having a great personality and always being so helpful!I have been busy continuing with my site, and currently have another in the works. But I am also still following Bo's training. Part of Bo's training is being more social in Facebook. Most of the time I am there I am so ready to come back here to all the wonderful people.Now don't get me wrong there are several nice people on Facebook, but in th
So as you guys know I have been using Bo's outstanding GoGetter's training. We are now to the part of how to attract more traffic using different things in Facebook. Well he mentioned about 3 times a day (if possible) and one of them to be an image. Now he also let out the helpful hint of including our website into this image and Facebook won't recoginize it. He gave a couple of suggestions on how to do that. But he mentioned the one that everyone has been talking about here lately. CANVA.So I