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Yes....this is an outhouse and the title is "buried treasure". Now, some of you will understand right away. And, now comes the explanation for those of you who have no idea what I am talking about. *LOL* This is a post for amusement purposes, and to make you smile. My mother & I used to have a hobby of digging up old bottles. One of the best places, by far to dig were in and around old outhouses. the "old days" when plumbing was not available indoors, people used the outho
Developing a strong sense of self-respect can help you fulfill your potential, develop healthy relationships, and make everyone around you see you as someone worthy of respect. If you truly want to respect yourself, then you have to accept yourself, and work on becoming the person that you have always wanted to be. The best way to ensure this is to get into the right mindset. 1.) Get to know yourself. The more you understand about yourself, the more you'll see and appreciate how unique you rea
March 20, 2014
Intuition can make your life smoother and more fun, but it can also be a critical skill of the future. Everywhere I go...I see people whose physical and emotional lives are in chaos. The normal beliefs and forms that people are used to identifying with are shifting like sands in the desert. In addition.....information is being thrown at us at such a frenzied rate that even with our computers and cell phones (or perhaps...because of them) we are increasingly overwhelmed and paralyzed. There
March 16, 2014
Dear all WA friends..... I wanted to thank each and every one of you who replied with your kind and encouraging comments when I said that I was going to remove my website Organic For Health. I know that you all have your own work to do, so I want you to know how much I appreciate every one who took the time to write to me. All of your kind words mean the world to me. I have made some awesome friends here at WA in a short period of time. I am honestly grateful for each and every one of
So.....this is how I am feeling right now. Like that guy with his hands covering his face. All I keep thinking is.....What should I do now? OK....let me back up. I casually mentioned to Kyle in a post that I was feeling a little down because...well...maybe I needed some encouragement regarding my selection for a niche. I decided on my niche because someone *in one of the top spots* on WA actually told me that it was a great idea. They supported my idea. don't get it. After posting
7 Terrific Self Motivating Tips No one can motivate anyone to do anything. All a person can do for another is provide them with incentives to motivate themselves. Here are seven very effective strategies to help you get up and get moving toward actualizing your tremendous untapped potential. Be willing to leave your comfort zone. The greatest barrier to achieving your potential is your comfort zone. Great things happen when you make friends with your "discomfort zone." Don't be afraid to make
There was a time in my life when I wasn't so happy. I was always satisfied, because I really did have everything that I needed, but I wasn't happy. I am not sure if there was a singular event that took place which made me become a truly happy person. But...this I do know...I am happier now than I have ever been. For the past five years, I have seemed to built an empire of happiness around me. I have surrounded myself with happy people, which means selectively choosing my friends and acquain
I had a somewhat disturbing experience today. I was going about my regular real estate broker routine....when I made a stop to meet another Realtor for lunch to catch up on business. I was parked at a strip mall. While I was waiting...I saw an man come out of the grocery store and fall....hard....on the icy pavement. There were some other people there, but no one did anything to help. I immediately got out of my car and went over to see if I could be of some assistance. I offered my hand an
March 06, 2014
Being kind is an enjoyable experience. It makes you feel good and useful...and alive!! The person who receives a kind act experiences a "feel good" response too. It is a nice experience when someone smiles at you, thanks you, compliments you, or helps you in some way. It creates a bonding, and in that moment there is a greater sense of worth about yourself and people in general. It is a feeling akin to feeling in love, and in a have fallen in love with humanity. When you do something
March 02, 2014
However we come by it, resiliency is that essential quality which enables us to bounce back from life's challenges. The only constant in life is change. Even happy changes can create some adjustment issues. Never has the ability to bounce back been more important, because the speed of change today is faster than it ever was and the pressure to produce and succeed is more intense. Resilient people are energetically engaged with life. They are persistent and confident. Is this you? I hope so. The