What really makes a positive attitude? (5 Things to remember)

Last Update: August 17, 2020

What really makes a positive attitude?

We have to be aware of our attitude. Attitude is the way we treat others, we treat ourselves and we treat the importance of plan. Responsibility and dreams. How do we treat our commitment to upgrade the quality of our lives. According to Albert Einstein " weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character. There are people who have become excellent in their field of endeavors. Because according to Ralph Marston, "Excellence is not a skill, it's an attitude."

What really makes a positive attitude? 5 things to remember.

1. Ready to SWOT examine oneself...

and the readiness to change for the better. SWOT means our strengths, weaknesses, how he/she approaches and takes advantage of opportunity and threat he faces along the way. What attitude he manifests towards them.

The willingness to change if necessary towards a better version of oneself is the main thing for a positive attitude. A person should be teachable, trainable and moldable.

The person concerned should be able to get into the action immediately of continuously improving oneself for the better. So it is imperative that the character of the person should have an open mind.

He is willing to keep evolving as required because of the speed of change and volatility of the time. The person who could easily adapt to the changing environment are those with positive attitude.

Positive attitude are attitude that creates innovative knowledge and result oriented performance on the ever evolving conditions.

This is a person who has absence or lack of positive attitude - if he still goes against the flow of change and the dynamic conditions that pop up every now. When this person remains rigid and close minded there is no avenue for his attitude to develop positively.

He believes that the situation must cater and adapt on how he sees the problems. He would not change at all in order to let the pressure and force of change move forward smoothly.

The result is that the challenges that should have been momentary has grown into a major challenges for himself and those who are affected by his attitude. This is a classic example of what is not having a positive attitude.

A person with a positive attitude has the willingness to genuinely examine himself. This also require courage, a core ingredient of having a positive attitude. Courage to face the truth and courage to bow down in order to let the wind of change pass by without breaking his bone.

So in short positive attitude is the willingness to change, the courage to transform each day, the capability of continually improve, and become the better version of oneself is the real one with an open mind.

2. Willingness to unlearn obsolete ideas and relearn new ones.

According to Khalil Gibran, "Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life; not so much by what happens to you as by the way your mind looks at what happens. "

He/She should be open to new ideas and concepts means the ability and willingness to unlearn, relearn and learn new things

There maybe the horrible continuing effect of COVID-19. All things can be taken from him.

However, there is one thing that no one can take away from him, that is his choice of his own attitude no matter what maybe the situations. He has that freedom in him and you.

When a person has the attitude of taking new thoughts and processes with an open mind, he will always have the chance to acquire innovative knowledge and develop new skills. After all nothing is as permanent as the changes he encounters each day.

There is a better chance and assurance of achieving his goals in this kind of attitude. In fact, great people achieve their goals because they are willing to unlearn and relearn new one. The joy of those who are open to changes and knowledge are those people who succeed beyond their wildest dreams.

3. Has an abiding faith and hope

He/She has an abiding faith and hope that after all the challenges, abundance awaits including the achievement of his dreams

To believe that after all the challenges abundance and achievement of goals awaits. This kind of attitude must have the abiding faith and hope to God (or what ever you may conceive Him to be as a Supreme Being.)

Having a positive attitude includes believing wealth and abundance are within our reach. It is all encompassing which include all aspects of life including good health, peace, love and joy.

His abiding faith and hope with God leads him to realize and embrace the positive presence of empowerment, perseverance, and the experience that all things are possible and achievable regardless he is the only one who think that the impossible is possible.

4. Has the will and audacity

He/She has the will and audacity to address even the worst fear. A person like this who left the illusion of a comfort zone and confronts to eliminate fear and move forward to that uncertain circumstances knowing beyond all them are better level of circumstances await.

A lot of us are unconsciously avoiding the greatest fear confronting our lives. Either because of the fear itself or the fear that it is not possible to be confronted because it is too big for us. Scary and unpredictable eventualities. We do not want to be part of challenging them and become the center of condemnation, criticism and complaints.

The person who faces the fears head on and have the courage to collide with the worst fearful scenario is one of the sterling qualities of an outstanding attitude.

The brave leads the way and all the way, creating wonderful victory over the circumstances that should have destroyed so many but the act of one brave man can change and help a nation or the whole world.

They are in the likes of Mandela, Neil Armstrong, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Queen Esther of the Bible and John F. Kennedy andamong others.

5. Believes all things are possible

He/She believes all things are possible to achieve. Believing is a powerful attribute of one with genuine positive attitude. All great men made the impossible - possible. He has the willpower to acquire talent and skills and the resourcefulness to find the right people to collaborate with his endeavor to achieve great things.

He has the infectious ability to share his enthusiasm and transfer the same to others. People like this have the innate character to make his vision and his endeavor articulated in terms of real possibilities and clarity on how to achieve it.

Influencing everyone he deals with that they too can make the impossible - possible.

He believes that life should not be to live in misery but to be faced valiantly, to have fun, to be experienced and to enjoy. And these are achievable and realistic destination of every soul that lives

He believes that men is not impossible to be good and strong as well as to have value for everyone to share with. He believes in the kindness and potential of every human being.

One component of having a positive attitude is to believe that it is possible everyone can have the positive energy they can turn into products and services to be enjoyed and to be of help for everyone.

He does not believe that there are doom and incorrigible person. Everyone has the possibilities to change if they really wanted to be one.

It is impossible we exist in this world for nothing. For people who have the positive attitude, they do not believe the impossibility of humans to fly, to grow and achieve everything he put his mind to it.

He believes in the presence of good vibes, right perspectives, strong value, and powerful principle on life that govern assured our success if we use and take advantage of all these already available in our hands. It is the switching on of the attitude to positive mode.

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Suzay Premium Plus
Toxic people can't change, being stuck in time, blaming some one else for whatever the perceived problem was, and making their now, and their pure new future into their past. Plus they are going to inject an innocent victim with the poison of their own tortured life! earn to read that one's flashy overly done signals from 5 miles away, stay clear and don't pick up any, repeat don't pick up any hitch hikers, let them "hike." Don't need none of that, focus on the road up ahead!

Leave the perma-negs to the other perma-negs, and the
un-awoken just got to learn, albeit the hard way! Sorry Charlie, Sunkist only wants the best tuna, and not the bad actors!

I look at all the Sheeple in town wearing masks, still doing the arbitrary 6 foot thing, and I feel like I've landed on an alternate plain net. Sheeple love to be told what to do. They follow the mind control narrative, "Sleep Sheep, Follow the Narrative, Sleep Sheep, Comply and Don't Ask Why!"

Dr. Joe Dispenza, and Dr. Bruce Lipton are Masters in mind research. Dr. Joe rebuilt every crushed bone in his body over and over, and over, hour after hour, day after day, until it was so!
He was a chiropractor, in a race run over a couple times by a woman who had lost control of her car, and hit him at about 80 miles per hour. Look it up for yourself, OK?
He lived through something no-one has ever lived through! further, he recovered fully. Make it a point to look him up on YT and listen,especially if you want to control your own mind, you must control the thoughts going through it!

Dr Joe says, "In this age of information, Ignor(e)ance is a choice! Repeat this several times aloud, until you get the utter depth of this message.

Being a Sheeple is a choice. Hiding from the full on abundance of information you need to change your life is a choice. Running from positivity or change, is a choice.

Attitude becomes Altitude. Attitude ====Altitude.
The airplane follows the nose. Where's your nose pointing, versus where you want to arrive at?

Attitude becomes Altitude.

Source of The Universe, Creator in you, must meet It's requirement, His Anything Is Possible, Only Believe!
<Believing changes Impossible to I'm possible!>

You rock with The Rock, Florentino,
PS for Believers Only, (it's pretty long)
Verse #1
I was sinking deep in sin, Far from a peaceful shore,
Very deeply stained within, Sinking to rise no more;
But the Master of the sea, Heard my despairing cry,
From the waters lifted me, Now safe am I.
Love lifted me! Love lifted me! (2X)
When nothing else could help,
Love lifted me.
Verse #2
All my heart to Him I give, Ever to Him I'll cling,
In His blessed presence live, Ever His praises sing;
Love so mighty and so true, Merits my soul's best songs;
Faithful loving service, too, To Him belongs.
Love lifted me! Love lifted me! (2X)
When nothing else could help,
Love lifted me.
Verse #3
Souls in danger, look above, Jesus completely saves;
He will lift you by His love, Out of angry waves,
He's the Master of the sea, Billows His will obey;
He your Saviour wants to be, Be saved today.
Love lifted me! Love lifted me! (2X)
When nothing else could help,
Love lifted me.
megawinner Premium
I am grateful for the words specially the verses of a beautiful poem/song.

When we know the love that Christ wants ous to have, we will appreciate the meaning of living and the joy of giving.

I am blessed Suzay for the words you said. They are the bed rock of true life. Praise God. Love lifted me.

Thank you so very much for a more inspiring words. Thannk you for your amazing understanding of life and your voluminous knowledge to inspire and uplift one's soul.
Suzay Premium Plus
You inspire me, Mega. thank you!
megawinner Premium
The inspiration is mutual. 🆗😎👍
Aminah3 Premium
What an inspirational post! One of the points that you mentioned that really stuck out to me was how a positive person must have abiding faith and hope in god. This is by far the most important thing to remember. Even when you fell lost in the darkness always turn to god and put your trust in him. Once you truly trust god, everything you desire in life will come to you naturally. Thanks.
megawinner Premium
The secret of life is not in the book of Secret, or the Law of Attraction. The Secret of a successful life is on the pages of the Book of books, the manual of men. Thank you, Aminah.
Tirolith Premium
“The only limitations are up to your efforts and needs in life.” Tom Short.

“When you are working on your life just make sure you are using the same plans as your dreams.” Tom Short.

“Thinking of yourself as a success expands your ability's in life.” Tom Short.

“When you are dreaming you are taking everything for granted. A positive wake-up puts your dream into creation.” Tom Short.

Thank you for your time,

megawinner Premium
Beautiful and deep tidbits of wisdom. Thanks Tom.
Joes946 Premium
megawinner Premium
Thank you, Joe.
Karonama Premium
Thank you for a great post, yes be positive in ones attitude and believe that success will come in abundance.
megawinner Premium
Amen. Thank you, Karo!
megawinner Premium
Hi Karo, I am following you now. All the best.
Karonama Premium
Thank you for the follow, I hope to learn more from you.

Stay Safe
megawinner Premium
Thank you. Let us learn together.. Stay safe as well,