Starting Back @ Lesson 1.

Last Update: March 29, 2018

Hi everyone J. Lee Lee here and "I'm Back in the Saddle Again." I never went away it's just that if I let the truth speak for me it would tell you that I've been here since Jun '17.

I started out a little before a now Wealthy Affiliate conglomerate. I'm certainly not comparing myself but she's now ALL over the place.

I was blessed to c her rise from being just a Premium member like myself, to top 200, to making her first sale, to Ambassador! I am so proud of Miss Kline(not her real name) I'm getting teary eyed.

Now her am I Mar '18 at level 4 midway and feeling a strong urgency to go back to Level 1, Lesson 1 and check my steps. I learned a few priceless tools the first time around that could be beneficial the next time around.

1 Being meticulous will take hours and days away from you.To be an overachiever you must overcome this! Set it and forget it for the day then take a fresh look the next day.

2. Overachievers blog! They just do.

3. If you don't know anything, go to the question and answer sections and read some of those answers. There are treasures there.

All I know is that you and I want have come too far too stop now. See you at the top!

I truly hope I have helped you in some way . Thank u so much for your time.

J.. Lee

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Debbie14 Premium
Keep on going. You will make it before you know it.
AlanJE Premium
Re-checking is always good! Best Alan
MKearns Premium
Good luck be scoopin up that treasure money man!
bigrog44 Premium
Thanks for sharing.