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It is so hard to believe that it has been a year already. Looking back, I am very thankful and there are no regrets. A lot of ups and downs for me but I'm gonna make it.I remember wasting 8 months out of my existance on another program and I can't say that I learned anything.Long short short, we are all in a good place. So when you feel like quitting or giving up, remember why you came. You didn't come here to quit. You came here to come up.Cheers,J. Lee
April 18, 2018
Hi there everyone! I have just finished Level 1 for the 2nd time and I must say that it was just what I was needed. You see, I stopped at Level 4 and something just didn't feel right with my site and I feel like I missed something so I had to go back. It's taken me 10 months to get this far! SMH! I know you're probably shaking yours too. LOL. Words cannot describe how encouraged I am now! Sounds insane huh?Why you ask? Real talk, the reason why is that it seemed all odds were against me (and s
March 29, 2018
Hi everyone J. Lee Lee here and "I'm Back in the Saddle Again." I never went away it's just that if I let the truth speak for me it would tell you that I've been here since Jun '17. I started out a little before a now Wealthy Affiliate conglomerate. I'm certainly not comparing myself but she's now ALL over the place. I was blessed to c her rise from being just a Premium member like myself, to top 200, to making her first sale, to Ambassador! I am so proud of Miss Kline(not her real name) I'm
Lesson was a little difficult for me and looking back I can't say why. My advice to those going into Level 3, be breezy, take your time and don't skip over any steps. The best success to you all.
January 23, 2018
We are doing this! Thanx for all the support from the community and I'm looking forward with hope to lesson 3!!!
December 26, 2017
Though I'm not where I'd like to be quite yet and 've even wanted 2 give up a time or two. I'm so thankful that I'm still in the running. I'm not gonna stop until I get to the top!!! Meet you guys there!
Here I Here I am 43 years old and 18 years post stroke. I know many I'm a little older and maybe it's not to you, but I dropped out out of college and had been seeking training that will secure my 3 angels(Michael, Micah, & Moriah)and, I until after my retirement age! I'm finding all this and more here at WA! This completes Lesdon 2 for me.