my progress-part 2-ignorance is a bliss. WA is a bless.

Last Update: May 31, 2016
  1. Your progress thus far-as i mentioned earlier, i made a long way from absolutely knowing nothing about websires and internet to a better better knowing person. with the help of the community, i'm struggling, but going forward. as i'm not planning on finanacial reveneus for the next 3-6 months, i'm pretty calm. i write my content, i connected to adsense, i messed with G+, PINTEREST, FB and TWITTER, which were totally unfamiliar to me.
  2. Your website that you have created-, which is going to explain how not easy it really is.
  3. Something you have learned thus far.-there is so much to mention: affiliate networks, traffic. adsense, social networking, websites, keywords-i was never aware of that
  4. A question that you may have.- not a question but a hope to see the seeds of efforts and maybe a hope that i will not be a 1 man army in marketing.
  5. Any successes (not just financial, but things you are proud of)- all listed above. creating a website, making social connections (g+, fb etc..), writing content in a period of 14-20 days is much of a proud.
  6. Your plans and goals in the upcoming 3 months- to learn more and see revenues. to start implementing the theory with practical campaigns.
  7. Your plans and goals in the upcoming 6 months- to see the fruit of 6 hard work months, by creating a wealthy and healthy online business
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caisaki Premium
Great progress - keep going! Best of luck to you :)