WA Lead Me To Creating A Micro-SaaS That Now Makes Me $2320 A Month

Last Update: October 19, 2018

So a few years a go I started out at WA with affiliate marketing and as you know one thing leads to another. I still do affiliate marketing and recommend Wealthy Affiliate to everyone I know who's looking to get started with building their own online business.

But through the process it got me thinking how can I build something like WA where I could get people to join and pay me a monthly recurring payment. Since I own a cell phone repair store and I knew a lot of people in the community I decided to build a saas (software as a service) for the cell phone repair industry.

I ended up making a program that allowed cell phone repair shops to have their customers sign a repair authorization form that allowed each shop to perform a pre and post check of multiple functions of each device. You can check out the software at www.repairforms.io if you are curious as to what I made.

The funny thing is it took me almost 2 and 1/2 years to get up to $3000 a month with affiliate marketing but with my saas I was able to go from zero to $2320 a month as of this writing in just under 4 months and I am still getting new sign ups each week.

So if you can think of a way to turn something into a saas, I highly recommend it. Think about task at your job that you hate doing that you could turn it into a software because chances are if you are having that issue so are other companies and they will pay you for a fix.

I am currently working on my second saas where cell phone repair stores can provide quotes and do a 30+ point inspection on all cell phones that they buy, sell, or trade. I plan to market this software to the same people I did my first software and chances are a lot of those people will get a subscription to this software as well because there is a need for it but no solution on the market right now. I plan on launching it in a few weeks for the same price I do my repairforms.io which is $29 per month and repairforms.io currently has 80 subscribers.

So it doesn't take a lot of subscribers to get your monthly revenue up. Just like if you are an affiliate for Wealthy Affiliate they give you $23.50 a month for each member you sign up. Just get 100 sign ups and you could probably quit you job and starting working on your online business full time.

So my advice is to just go through the training on WA and start thinking about how to solve businesses issues online and provide a service to that business and the sky is the limit.

Now get out there and make that money.

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mybiz4u Premium
Very inspiring, M
This is an awesome strategy bro.

You're reminding us that creativity indeed leads everyone to success especially in this kind of business.

Thank a lot for that!

keishalina9 Premium

Congratulations, Michael! ...

Saas--what innovation on your part!

Fantastic news blog!

Thanks kindly for sharing your amazing results --

all the best for continuing upward success, cheerio....😊
platts05 Premium
Awesome post! Very happy to hear you are doing so well with your Saas app! Well done! - Wondering if you might be able to share some detail on what you used to build your Saas App? Would be very interested to discuss the programming language, database etc with you. Thanks Dan
platts05 Premium
Hi again Ralph, Hope you are well. Thanks very much for passing on the info about bubble.is - I have spent some time using it over the last couple of weeks. Looks good! Mind if I ask a couple of questions though?
- Do you use the "personal" plan on bubble? or are you using one of the "Business" prices?
- Also, are you using the skills you learnt here on WA to push people (potential subscribers) to your Sass App. eg , do you have a niche site / blog where you have posts that recommend your sass product? or something similar.

Happy to send you a private message if you would like me to elaborate or discuss more.

Thanks in advance for any feedback and well done again!
Kerjackie Premium
The very best way to make money is to dig deep and find something that people want, and you have found the way, congratulations to you, your post is really inspiring me and I am happy for your success.