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Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t, so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t.”

My favorite high converting sales funnel www.lunchbreaklaunch.com

An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory”
— Ralph Waldo Emerson,
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AaronGriffin Premium
Hey Mike,

Awesome to see someone being successful through WA. It is an inspiration to us all. I know you put in a lot of hard to work to get where you are today. I bet it feels great to see your work pay off.

I too am working my tail off more this year than last. Most people here write 2 or 3 blogs a week or even a month. I am writing 2 blogs a day! well I'm trying to get the 2 done everyday. And in addition I have started to produce YouTube videos to go with the blogs.

I am giving it my 100% and then some. I want to see results this year and I'm not afraid to work for it.

To anyone out there that wants to see true results in what their doing they need to work for it. You need to double up on your work and love what you do to be not only successful. but happy.

I know that my success is coming, I know it is right around the corner. I have a vision and I'm determined to make it. You sir, are an inspiration to me and I would like to emulate what you did to fit my personal style to be successful too.

All the best and best wishes

Aaron G.
Griffin Lifestyle
Actions Lead To Results
MattRegan78 Premium
HI Mday 849

I just read your post around breaking the $30K mark.
Great achievement and I really like your post above around Entrepreneurship.

I wanted to reach out in regards to whether anyone may have some insight or can direct me to where I can find any information or tutorial to develop a strong home page on a website.

I have some content now on my site and looking to bring across to my own domain, however my home page is a bit of a tragedy....

I am looking at websites which have a great homepage to get some inspiration and ideas and I want to add some buttons and a solid background pic as well, just not sure how to go about this in wordpress.

Many thanks and I appreciate any insight around this.

Hi Mike, just wanted to let you know you are a true inspiration, I watch all your YouTube videos with hopes to become just as successful as you in the device repair industry and to reach my $5000 mark in just a few months just as you did. Hope to hear from you , there’s so many questions I have
ReginaO1 Premium
Hi Michael,
I published a progress report today in which I mentioned you and your latest blog post - $2826 In Wealthy Affiliate Commi... I hope you don't mind. Here is the post; Best regards
verna8767 Premium
Hi Michael,

It is good to see that you are doing great with your online businesses in such a short period of time. It is always good news to those of us still trying.

May I ask if you have prior experience with affiliate marketing or other technical skills that have helped you move forward so quickly?

I guess I am a slow worker because it takes me so long to do everything. I also had a lot of medical issues in 2017 and now am still not 100% after having eye surgeries in both eyes, but I'm getting there.

Wishing you much continued success!
RubyCantu Premium
Great to connect. Looking forward to learning from one another.
CandP Premium
Thanks very much for the follow and we are eager to follow you back! You are much appreciated. All the best! Colette and Philip
i am trying to create a website for a friend but i am so confused on how to use word press
mday849 Premium
Have you started the training? It will walk you through it step by step.
thecrowned1 Premium
The training is quite thorough. I’m experiencing it now and I’m not tech savvy but even I can feel comfortable moving around the training
lindasea Premium
I very much appreciated your well-spoken and honest welcome for a new member and decided this kind of experience and tenacity is worth supporting.

I have a saying, can't remember where I found it, "Our attitude determines our altitude." You have it right, the right attitude that is going to keep opening doors for you.

Glad to have met you here in the WA community.

Hi I am completely lost on how to go about putting images and text in my new website. I want to promote free baby stuff and since I cannot post on facebook my affiliate link I wanted to direct traffic to my website. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you so much, you have been of great help.
mday849 Premium
click on the siterubix and click site content. Then write it on there and insert images using the site content creator.
ReginaO1 Premium
Hi, Interesting response and comments from you on the question whether one can promote personal physical products alongside an affiliate program products on one website. As a newbie and new at WA looking at combining affiliate program products with other on line business. I look forward to benefitting from your wealth of knowledge. All the best. Regina
Bob-1 Premium
Hi Mike, I saw a message you left for a new member, and being a new member myself I really enjoyed reading it. I thought I better come over and meet this guy.

I'm here for the duration and am trying to keep at it a little each day, since I am in no position to quit my job. . . yet!

I'll take a look at your Posts too. Thanks for your stories and positive input!
~ Bob
Jrshort Premium
I appreciate your time and the info you put out, thanks for the training and this special promo!
Mkflynn71 Premium
Thanks for the welcome I really look forward to getting advice my plans are to go into the phone and tablet refurbishing with repair services In northern Michigan The business will be completely mobile ran out of a 8’x 32’ cargo trailer ran completely off solar energy . The website Will be constructed to sell phone and tablet refurbishing machines I will be a third party USA Distributor for M - Triangel Phone And tablet Refurbished machines My goal will be to sell 3 machines per month times 8 to10 skews with
My proposal to M - Triangel an overseas company will allow me faster shipping and still have 100% profit margin‘s
mday849 Premium
that's awesome mtriangel is good equipment
buycelltrade Premium
thank you i purchased like you said on your youtube vid hope to hear from you soon
Terrycooke83 Premium
Hi. Been looking at your course for a while. Saw this as a great opportunity. Hope you get the bits you need for the trip.
mday849 Premium
Me too. Jist sent you a private message.
Cphonefix14 Premium
Hi Mike been following you guys for quite sometime thanks to you we refurb our screens saving and making a ton more money ....been unsure regards this affiliate but taking it seriously after following you :) don’t forget the membership for refurb training course we have staff to train
mday849 Premium
Just sent you a private message. Click up top on the red arrow in picture. Also if you know anyone else that would be interested in online affiliate marketing share that link on facebook, or where ever. I only need 97 more to win the free trip I'm after for me and my wife.

Also if you get stuck with anything or need help with your refurbishing, microsoldering, anything. Hit me up here, or whatsapp +14043124046.

Again really appreciate the help.
Mike, thanks for getting me on WA. Saw your video today on the lifetime warranty importance! Please, don't forget me, with regards to the admitad thing!
Kyle Premium
I hope things are going well. I know you are getting rolling within the training and there is ONE thing that always tends to confuse people and that is "what is my niche?".

I know, same thing happened to me when I started.

I just wanted to reach out and let you know that I am here if you ever want to run any niche "ideas" by me or you have any questions about finding your niche.

Get back to me when you get the chance! :)
nevrob Premium
Welcome to this awesome community.let me wish you all the best and i can see that you have a lot of prior experience that should be a boon for you as you grow with us .Follow the system and be positive and persistent.Success to you.
buildyournow Premium
Hello mday849...and congratulations on upgrading to Premium. I wish you success on your journey with Wealthy Affiliate in building a successful online business!
To your success!
zucko212 Premium
Hiya and welcome to wealthy affiliates, I wish you all the very best

Vicky Lopez
Shayne329 Premium
Welcome to the Premium life. I'm now following you and if anything I can help you with feel free to message me. Best wishes. ~Shane
AlexEvans Premium
Hi Michael,
Welcome to premium WA, all the best as you settle into it and start crafting your online future.
HosannaBiz Premium

Nice to meet up with you, and a genuine warm Australian welcome, as a Premium Wealthy Affiliate (WA) member.

Hope you'll reach your God-given potential and succeed.I'm looking forward to working in with you(:

Cheers & blessings,

PS! Let's know if you need a hand?
GayleneNepia Premium
Hi Michael,

Congratulations on going Premium. Wishing you all the best :-)
TheOldGuy Premium
Hello! Welcome to Premium. Hope you find it both rewarding and profitable.
Labman Premium
Hi and welcome to WA, Thanks for following me back.