Opt-in Forms: Could I have Some Advice Please?

Last Update: Nov 15, 2016


I’ve muddled along with customised aWeber opt-in forms up until now. I wasn’t overly impressed with them but what the heck? I had so much more to think about. Now I’ve changed to Mailerlite and, as far as I can see, their forms are more limited. I’m no artist and can’t do much with them so for me they are frankly boring.

I’ve done some research online and ended up totally confused. There are plugins galore and I’m prepared to pay a reasonable one-off fee. But, if I take this route, which one? Thrive seems to be a contender here.

I’ve used Sumome in the past, along with aWeber, but something went wrong. The programme (sorry, app – you’re so behind the times, Margaret) stopped working for me and their support people couldn’t find the problem.

So, good friends, can anyone help me to remove Boring and replace it with Wow, Let Me In Before I Explode – i.e. a variety of alluring, magnetic, crowd-pulling opt-ins instead of the present ho-hum ones?

Thanks, I’m counting on you.


PS. Please don’t resist the magnetic pull of the Like button. Let your finger earn its keep.

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Hi Margaret, sometime boring is good, it what you put on that boring optin, that will make the difference... I use a plain white box for my optins with a picture of my Ebook.. It's the words that count..

That's a good point. I'm trying to build a mailing list and it's just not happening. Thanks for replying.

Margaret if you need any help let me know ..

Thank you so much

most welcome

Hi Margaret,
I am new in the field of Internet Marketing and have to say that sometimes I also feel as if I need to find more wow ideas. However, I know that research and taking the time to review other sights are the two best teachers.
You took a good approach, by posting a question. You should be able to get very good ideas directly form our experts.
Best wishes.

Thanks for taking the time to comment, Lisa. There's a limit to what I feel able to do on my own with this and I know there are will helpers here at WA.

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