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Last Update: February 18, 2016

Hi Everyone

I purchased a new dog bed a few weeks ago for my toy dog named Caviar! Anyway I decided to make a specific niche site revolving around dogs. I'm looking for Guest Posts on anything "Dog" related. If you're interested please send me a PM or visit this URL for the supersimple rules: http://luxurybedsforsmalldogs.com/guest-posting-about-dogs

Kind Regards


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Sdawson11111 Premium
Nice website Michelle, I have my own website about my Giant Schnauzer. I really haven't monetized it yet - its mostly my journal but I'm beginning to work on it more this fall. You can check it out and see if a guest post from me would be interesting to you. http://www.livingwithboaz.com
GaryHelm Premium
Nice website.
MBSWomen Premium
Thanks Gary! It's 5 days young, plenty of work to do as yet ;)
felixwebman Premium
We've got four dogs... definitely will check it out... Cool idea!
MBSWomen Premium
Thanks Felix! My preference is definetly WA members ;)