To get back into it.

Last Update: July 17, 2018

Yeah... So, I definitely haven't been working as much on my site, as I was planning...

The reason for this, is a combination of many different things, primarily just being a REALLY busy guy on a daily basis. But there were also a couple of specifics, like exams, a huge written assignment that took a long time, birthdays for family members etc. etc.

But who cares right?!? There is only do or do not, as Yoda puts it, and in this case it really is the truth... Do I create content or do I not create content? That's the only thing that matters!

-Then again... The quality of the content is important too! And it does take me a long time to write my posts. Partly because I want them to be good, and I'm quite adament about the writing. And partly, (but very much related to that matter) because english is not my first language...

Fortunately I feel I'm on the right path, because all of my posts have been indexed by Google so far. So I think what I'm doing is working, I would just love to be able to do it quicker. ;) And I'd also love to be able to spend more time working on it (which would also speed things up, obviously!)

The worst part is, that when I'm not able to really spend some time working on my site, I feel like I get taken away from the journey, and the community, and I loose all momentum. But then it seems like as soon as I get back to it, even for just a little bit, momentum gets build up again, and quite quickly too. Perhaps I just need to get better at accepting the fact that I cannot always spend hours in one sitting, and that doing 5-15 minutes here and there, also helps. If nothing else it helps me to keep momentum going, and it gets me motivated, because looking at the site, and reading about other peoples successes, gets me excited again...

So yeah, that was it for now, I think... Perhaps more a blogpost for my self than for anybody else. A little bit of venting my frustration was necessary, and what better way than to write about it, right... ;)

If anybody else got something out of it... Great! If not, at least I did...

I hope everybody is doing AWESOME!

Best wishes, and much success all around!



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soulsearcher Premium
This is exactly how I feel, thanks great post :)
MBjorn Premium
Good to know, we're not alone in it, right? ;)