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So, just got the 6 month badge today, and I must admit I received it with somewhat mixed emotions... ;)I might as well say it like it is, I am nowhere near the place I had hoped to be after 6 months! -But it is nobody's fault but my own. I haven't been as quick and consistent with writing and posting as I could have. This is down to a lot of different factors. Primarily the fact that I am just a super busy guy, I have studies, work, a five year old daughter, and a music career that all compete
July 18, 2018
Yes, that's the truth for me! I have been stalling for a while, due to a lot of different factors. And I finally feel like I am getting back up to speed... Feels great to be working towards my goals again.Taking the simple approach of just logging in every day, whether I am able to actually do some work or not, seems to be working really well.Just reading a couple of posts here and there, and perhaps offering some advice, where I can, gets me excited to do more. And that small amount of action
July 17, 2018
Yeah... So, I definitely haven't been working as much on my site, as I was planning... The reason for this, is a combination of many different things, primarily just being a REALLY busy guy on a daily basis. But there were also a couple of specifics, like exams, a huge written assignment that took a long time, birthdays for family members etc. etc. But who cares right?!? There is only do or do not, as Yoda puts it, and in this case it really is the truth... Do I create content or do I not creat
Hey Good people.Just wanted to share a little bit of gratitude... So, it's been a little quiet on my part, here on WA for a little while... At least on the actual WA site. But NOT behind the curtains! ;)First of all I've been really busy in my personal life, leaving me very little time to actually work on my content. But also... I was working on content that really required some more visuals. so I've been recording, and editing some videos to go with the post I was writing. (Found a great tutor
February 28, 2018
So... First website indexed by Google. This is quite a milestone, as I understand it... :)All thanks to the training here in WA.Very happy to be on my way!
Premium! The way to go if you're serious about making something out of this... And I am! So there... Looking forward to exploring the extra content.
February 18, 2018
Hello there WA people. New to the community. Just saying hi. Happy to here! :)Not a lot on my profile yet, but hoping to add some good content in the coming days/weeks...