Yesterday was a good day!

Last Update: December 23, 2015

Yesterday started with me driving my son to the soccer field.
On my way home I did see some activity at the old, closed, kindergarten and realized it was built up as a new home for newly arrived teenagers, probably from Syria.
They were in great need of winter clothes and they had asked for a football (soccer) or something to have tot do during the days.

Last year I had to empty a big house after my divorce and had no time, energy or help to get rid of all the stuff so I have a rent a biiiig storage in the basement to all the stuff.
It's totally filled up :)
I went down and found a lot of "old" winter clothes as hats, scarves gloves, winter boots and some thick winter sweaters. My son has also plenty of footballs, much more than he needs so I picked four of them and took all the stuff and went to the refugee camp.

The clothes made no great impression on teenagers but to see their happy faces when they got all the footballs made it all worth while digging around in my basement.
They have come here alone without family and I hope they will have a nice first Christmas in a foreign country!

I will also take the opportunity to welcome 3 new members
Helen, Maria and Nazeena to the WA-famaliy.
I hope you will enjoy your time here and wish you all success with your buisseness.

Merry Christmas to you all :)

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JudeP Premium
What a fab day, well done :)
maxser67 Premium
Thank you and Merry Christmas Jude :)
JohnZe1 Premium
Great day in my Eyes,
What a unselfsish welcoming,
Awesome first Christmas.

Merry Christmas
maxser67 Premium
Merry Christmas to you too, John