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August 13, 2016
Wealthy affiliate must be the best hobby ever!It's funYou are surrounded by friendsYou learn a lot of new thingsAnd you can earn money from itI have had a lot of ups and downs with my learning curve and long periods of time when I haven't been able to do anything more then read some of youre blogs and training's.But I always now that you all are still here ready to help if I need some remainder.I have had a lot of fun building my websites (slowly) through the amazing lessons we get here. Easy s
Some of you might already be in 2016 but I want to wish you all a Happy New Successful Year.I have some hours left and will watch Canaria Islands biggest firework from my balcony:The firework will make the sky in beautiful colors right outside our view :)A special welcome and Happy successful New Year to my 2 new referrals:Anneli & AnnicaHappy New Year!!!
December 24, 2015
Today we celebrate Christmas in Sweden so today will be a day off from work, eating a lot off food and candy :)So tomorrow I have to go out and run ^^I have two sons living at my place, my own and a bonus son from my marriage (4 more but they don't live at my place) and Christmas time is a long celebration.My bonus sons birthday is tomorrow, Christmas day.My sons birthday is on Boxing day :)There will be many package these days :DMerry Christmas to all of you :)
December 23, 2015
Yesterday started with me driving my son to the soccer field.On my way home I did see some activity at the old, closed, kindergarten and realized it was built up as a new home for newly arrived teenagers, probably from Syria.They were in great need of winter clothes and they had asked for a football (soccer) or something to have tot do during the days.Last year I had to empty a big house after my divorce and had no time, energy or help to get rid of all the stuff so I have a rent a biiiig stora
Have been three hard days, working on my sites.Had the Saturday free to just make some progress to all three of my sites.But i did get some kind of "writer's block".Saturday:First I sat down with my Swedish blog about school and it came up very short, just 250 words, but ok, the Christmas break has just stated so it was ok.Then I sat down with my soccer site......and had no idea what to write about or promote.Well I have started bootcamp again, made some changes of one of my old sites and publi
December 18, 2015
...but so much fun!As it is now, this is my hobby, not my extra job. But hopefully this will be a hobby that is my job. I really enjoy having my hobby here together with all of you at WA.I'm just at course at the Entrepreneur course 4 lesson 7 and Bootcamp course 1 lesson 5. When I did my comeback now I started a Swedish blog about The school-system going down. I don't expect that site to monetize so much. Just having Google ads and trying a little to help Swedish people to find the way in here
So, today I was supposed to do a blog post about about my progress so far. Just had to published my post from the lesson before and posting it oute´on G+, FB and twitter.This time I must have been writing great # because 15 minutes things started to happened-In Sweden we have two Unions for teachers and one of them started to follow me, liked my post and retweeded it and suddenly I had a lot of traffic to the site and it has continued during the day. I have to wait till tomorraw before I
I'm just on may way ending course 2 and jumping in to the third one.Due to have done this three years ago it went quite smooth. Had some issues with the theme set up but with a question here in WA and it was solved quickly.My biggest problem is that I have done things in the past so when I'm reading training and tips that comes up in here I get so many ideas in my haed that doesn't fit with my newborn site so I have to holding myself back, thinking "One stpe at the time, nice and easy" :)When i
Back to basics, back to school.Now I’m ready to really start it all up again, I have already been wrighting 3 blog posts without having stared my site. I’m eager to get going but I know that I need to take it step by step so I will go back to course 1, lesson 1 and do it properly from scratch. My biggest problem is that I’m going to do this site in Swedish so I don’t really know how to find “hanging fruits” and good keywords. I’m working on it and if so
November 17, 2015
Maybe you have no interest in soccer, but Sweden has just qualify to next summers Euro championship by beating our Danish neighbors :)During the qualification the machinery hacked for the Swedish team but when they really needed to play well everything felt together!And our star Zlatan scored an amazing goal, which was the winner.The championship will probably end Zlatans careers in the Swedish team and in his "new home", France!So now I need to make some money so I can take my son down there a
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